How to Make & Repair Audio Cables . Tools Needed for Audio Cable Repair

My name is Kip and I am here today on behalf of Expert Village. Today we are goingto talk about building, troubleshooting and repairing your own audio cables, microphonecables and etc. The first thing we are going to do is take a look at the tools that youwill need to do this work. You will need a soldering iron. If you are not going to dolots and lots of your own work, you can get one that does not have this power base andit is just a handle like this. You can get them with variable heat control knob here Homes using the Internet! You can tell your home just what you want it to do through home automa… or without but you want to get a decent quality one that will do this work.
Having variabletemperature control in this workstation makes one, a nice place to put your soldering iron when it is hot and two, you can control the temperature very precisely for different kindsof work. For making audio connections, it is not near as important to have very precisecontrol over heat as it would be if you were working on circuits boards where overheatinga component can damage it quite easily. You will need a moistened sponge. The moistenedsponge we use to clean the tip of our soldering iron. You will need some wire cutters, youwill resin corde solder and some form of wire strippers. This has a crimper and everythinginvolved but this is what we would use as the wire stripper. It is nice to have some DIY Popsicle Ice Cream Sticks Shelf – Easy Home Decor Ideas way to remove the solder from the old joint.
This is a sucking type soldering removingprocess or we have this braided type. Another tool that I built myself would be this clamp; whereas you don’t have to have a clamp like this and it is very simple clamp. I put acouple of pieces of weather stripping and I put pieces of metal and some springs andthis is the first one I built. I have a better one that I keep in my case that has stiffersprings. It is nice to be able to hold your connector while you work on it and one sizefits all this way. Other than the wires and the connectors, these are all the tools thatyou will need to get started building your own audio cables and repairing them.