How to Install Gates for Electric Fence Systems

In this segment you will learn where to place gates and openings,and how to continue the electrical circuit without impeding the openingHow to Install Gates for Electric Fence Systems by varying insulated wire. There are a variety of gates available at farmsupply stores. Build or buy sturdy gate materials especially hardware items such as hinges Quick Candles fantastic products and closures. Stock gaps or cattle guards are also useful for high traffic areas. When laying out your fence, avoid placing gates in the middle of a straight fence. It’s more economical to put them in corners.
To create a non electrified gate opening you’ll need to bury a hot,or electrified wire under the gate to convey the electrical connection acrossthe opening without impeding the openingTo do this, dig a trench across the opening,at least 24 inches deep. Homes using the Internet! You can tell your home just what you want it to do through home automa… Then place a heavy, three quarter inch poly water pipe in the trench,leaving at least one foot extending above the ground on each end. Next, thread a piece of 20,000 volt or greater insulated hook-up wire through the plastic pipe,until it comes out on the other end. Extend the hook up wire about one footabove ground. Fill the trench and tap into place. Bend at least six inches of the pipe and hook up wire downward to preventwater from getting in.
Secure it to the post by threading through the loops created by the HighTensil loop at the end post. Connect the underground wire to the lowest Hotwire on the fence,using a fence tap or extra crimping sleeve left on the wire. Note that fence taps can only be used for electrical connections. Make the same electrical connections on the other side of the gateway. Now, hang your gate. The last step is to attach electrical fence warning signs every three hundredfeet or so. Many parts of the country require these warning signs by law.