How To Hang A Photo Wall

How To Hang A Photo Wall Have you ever hung a picture and then realized after the fact that it’s not centred or lined up properly? I know I’ve done that and I’ve made a huge mess of my walls in the process.
On this week’s home staging tidbit, I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to hang a photo gallery, the one behind me, without making a mess of your walls. Stay tuned. Trace the picture frame on any kind of paper and then cut it to size. Here I’m using thick poster board, but you can use any kind of paper. Once the paper is cut, line it up along the back of the frame, and mark where the picture hook is. Measure where you want the picture to hang on the wall. Now I’m hanging a grouping of four, so for my first one, I just eye balled it and measured from there.
Tape your paper to wall where you want your picture to hang. Measure the space in between each frame. Here I’m measuring three inches. Use a level on all sides to make sure everything is aligned properly. Measure exactly where the clip is on the back of the frame. And measure exactly where that spot it on your paper. Next you’ll want to use a stud finder to see if there’s a wall stud where you plan to drill your screw into.
Now I got lucky here on all four pictures, there were studs behind it, so I didn’t have to use a wall plug. But if there isn’t a wall stud behind, you will need to use a wall plug. Add felt pads to the back of the frame. This will keep the frame from marking up the walls. It’s time to drill the hole. Hang your first picture. It should be aligned perfectly with the paper.
And of course, you want to make sure that it’s level. Continue the same procedure for the last remaining photos and make sure that you measure and level each one as you go. It’s a quick easy way to showcase your photos without marking up the walls. I hope you enjoyed this weeks home staging tidbit..