How to Decorate for the Cape Cod Home

How to Decorate for the Cape Cod Home Hi, I’m Ann, and today I’m going to talk to you about decorating with a Cape Cod feel or style. When you think of Cape Cod, of course, Nantucket, water, very soft, over-stuffed – a lot of white furniture, natural floors. Being on the water, you want sometimes pieces of the nautical theme; shells, fish. One of the things, though, that I will always tell a client to be really careful about, is if you do a certain theme in your house or a style, sometimes if there’s just repetitious of the same things over and over it will become very boring. And so, I would say that what you want to be careful about – the cape cod style is just in one room – maybe have the shells and have some of the nautical.
But then in another room, get away from that and just make it soft, and over-stuffed with great blues and greens and colors, but not necessarily the same accessories that you used in the other room. Overstuffed, checked, floral are great fabrics to use for the nautical – white furniture, natural woods, woven. These pillows are great as an example that can go on anything and they’d be great just adding texture and just a whole woven look. Baskets, putting magazines in baskets instead of plastic or metal. So have fun with it, see what you have around the house, and just try to make it interesting. This is Ann, and that’s how you decorate with a Cape Cod style.