How to Decorate a Playroom

How to Decorate a Playroom Hi, I’m Ann, and today, I’m going to show you how to decorate a playroom. A lot of times the playroom is a room that gets; because children are in it, they’re eating sometimes in it, the furniture gets stained, dirty, so a lot of times the playroom is a room that gets the furniture that you don’t want to use anymore in the, in the living room or in the family room, or somebody has given it to you, so you put it upstairs. So, we’re just going to talk about, a little bit about the playroom. And of course, it really depends on the age of the child. The playroom is for the children so you really shouldn’t have expensive pieces in the playroom, because you know they’re probably going to get drawn on or spilled on or broken. So, I found I needed some couches for a playroom and for big boys.
I don’t have younger children; I have teenagers and so, or teenagers, so I wanted, I didn’t want expensive pieces of furniture because I knew I’d had big old football boys in my house bouncin’ around and being crazy. So, I bought just some very clean line couches that were inexpensive, and then I really wanted to make this room for my son and his friends. I didn’t want to put real nice things up here because they’ll they’ll throw stuff, they’ll get up here and start just getting crazy so I really wanted it to to work for them. If you have younger children establish maybe different stations. If a child does artwork and she loves artwork establish an area where she can do her art. You want to be sure that it’s not carpeted. You want to be sure that the floor; if it gets hurt it doesn’t matter, or you put a mat under it.
Whatever is interesting and fun for the child. This has just a very bland color on the wall now. I’ll want to put a zippy color in it and kind of pep it up, but put… This room has a television in it; it has the different games that the kids can play, so it’s really equipped with them. They can come up, have drinks up here, cokes up here and play, and just be up here and enjoy. This is Ann, and that is how to decorate a playroom.