How to Deck the Halls for the Holidays

How to Deck the Halls for the Holidays Hi, I’m Ann and today I’m going to show you how to deck the halls for the holidays. I am a decorator and I specifically concentrate on what people have and I love to, everybody has wonderful Christmas decorations but what I”m going to talk to you about today is not getting your boxes down yet but just looking in your house and what do you have right under your nose that you can use. And just fun ideas that are really fun to work with.
I love using silver. I love massing out the silver, like on your mantle or on a table and then you can fill it. Sometimes I will take silver and fill it with something quiet like buttons, like sand and just have a whole silver thing with a, a silver mantle with white in it. You’ll see that this little silver coffee pot, I went out, just right outside my door and cut about four, three or four different types of foliage. Just stuck it it, has water in it and then just found a plant that was still blooming that just had some burgundy color to it. So I put that in it, made just a quick great, little arrangement and then you could put berries in it, you could just do whatever with it. The, all these white pots, this is McCoy and the white pots are great to use just to do a whole mantle or a whole table with all white and then you could put just a little bit of greenery in it or fill them up with Christmas Balls.
Use what you have. If you have like that little silver spoon collection that sometimes grandmother has given you, tie little silver, or little gold ribbons on the little spoons and hang them from the tips of your Christmas Tree. Shine them up. You’ll have all these great little silver spoons hanging from your Christmas Tree. I have a collection of buttons and so I made just with wire, and with, this got tangled up but I’m just going to show you the idea. Just with wire and white buttons I made a garland that a lot of times I will hang on my chandelier or I can, I could wrap them around the plant and just make it look like little snow drops. Silver candlesticks are great to use a lot of times.
I love using them and I’ll just mass amount on a table. Look what you have and just use your imagination. This is Ann and that is how to deck the hall for the holidays.