How to Create a Faux Headboard

How to Create a Faux Headboard Hi, I’m Ann, and today I’m going to show you how to create a faux head board. This is my sons bed, and it doesn’t have a head board.
And a lot of times it’s nice not to have a head board because when you have a head board and a foot board, it takes up more space. So if you have a small room, it’s good to do what I’m getting ready to show you. You can use anything, you can use to make a head board, you can use, if the child is talented, you can get a big canvas and they can do their own. You can have them create their own head board on a canvas and then just either screw the canvas in to the wall, or nail it up. You could use, you could really turn anything in to head board. Taking three identical grate bird cages that are just kind of plain wooden, and having them right side by side, which make a line. You could use those.
You could use a mirror. You could use a big picture. Today I’m going to show you two different things. This is kind of a wood ladder, old kind of rustic looking, and you can toggle bolt it, or just hook it in to the wall, and you can just create. You could go down low, or up higher, and just create kind of a line that has the feel and look of a head board. This is cute because you could also get some cute hooks, and the child can hook things on it. Whether it’s like their Ipod, their phone, pictures, but this can be fun and used also.
And then I, another example is this old shutter, and I’ve used shutters a lot like this. Let’s see, I’m going to hold this one up because it’s a little bit rickety, but then you can put saw blade hooks on the back of this, on each end, and then put it just on a nail, or you could actually toggle bolt it or screw it in to the wall. So this creates another look of a head board, and again, you can go as low or as high as you want. Other things you can use is, you could get a bullitean board and put it going horizontal, and then get a piece of fabric and just glue the fabric on it, and then you can change it out. So there’s many ways to work with a faux head board. This is Ann.