How to Choose Window Treatments

How to Choose Window Treatments Hi, I’m Ann, and today, we’re going to talk about choosing window treatments.
It really depends on what you like. There are many people that come from the feel of, fabric has to be up there. They have to finish off a window with fabric, but there are so many other ways to go. You could go with shutters. You could go with blinds. You could go with a woven texture on the windows, and then you can go with having nothing at all. I’m really a window person.
I love seeing windows, and I’m not a fabric person. These were on the window when I came, and they’re really not my taste. What I would do with this type of window, is I would probably use a Roman. A Roman fits within the frame of the window, and it has layers, and so you can do it in a woven material, in a burlap material, or in a fabric, and it will fold up, and fold up into the window, and then for the person that has to have some fabric as a detail, it’s a good way to go, because there’s a little bit of fabric that hangs down, that gives you that softening feel, but there are many ways to go, and you can go to magazines. You can go to stores and just look at the variety. Think about if you want to have total sun blackout, if you want total blackout, or do you mind a little light coming in? Do you want something that’s more sheer?
Do you want something that closes and opens? Think about again, all the things that you need this covering on your window, to do, and then just go and look at what’s out there. You can also go the custom route. It’s more expensive, but you can get exactly what you want. This is Ann, and that is how you choose window treatments.