How to Choose the Right Style Curtain Rod

How to Choose the Right Style Curtain Rod Hi I’m Ann and today we are going to talk about the right style of curtain rod. Really depends on the room, the way you decorating, your type of decorating style. Are you modern, are you cottage, are you country. The type of curtain. We have a small stainless or brush stainless curtain rod which I really like because stainless stays with you for a long time. It’s classic.
Brass I don’t like seeing a lot of brass because it’s dated, but a black wrought iron curtain rod, stainless, chrome is good. A dark wood is good. You, there’s thin, this is a fairly thin one. The diameter of the rod you can, depending on the weight of the curtain, the heavier the fabric, the heavier the amount of the fabric on the rod, the thicker , the more substantial you need the rod to look. With this one, this is small and so you wouldn’t want to have a whole lot of heavy, heavy fabric on a very thin rod. So the size of the rod is going to be a major part of that. Another thing that you want to think about is how your curtain hooks onto the rod.
Does it have loops on it, does it have just a fabric pocket where you shoot the rod through, how are you going to be able to open it. If you just have a rod like this, and you have to grab hold of the fabric, the fabric sometimes will get soiled where you open it. So you one to think about do you need a fabric, do you need a curtain that you can have a wand where they pull or are they going to be on rings where you can slide them. Another thing to think about and these are just so great, is these days you can really just get any type of panel and there are any hardware store will have these little hooks that you just clip on and you are ready to go. So you can even make a neat sheet, cut towels, just a piece of fabric, hem it,put the clips on and have a great curtain that way. This is Ann and that is how to pick out a curtain rod for your room.