How to Choose Picture Frames to Complement Your Home’s Decorating Style

How to Choose Picture Frames to Complement Your Home's Decorating Style Hi, I’m Ann, and today, I’m going to show you how to choose picture frames to complement your decorating style. I really like dark frames on the wall. I…whenever I get something framed, I really like a black frame. A black frame can go with, really, any style home you have, and I think a black frame is just…it really…you put it on the wall, and it grounds the wall.
It pops out. There are a lot of different, wonderful black frames you can use that have carvings in them. So I really like a black frame or a darker frame. Now, I have examples of new and old, inexpensive and expensive. These are…now, when I say black, I also love this because this is a very old frame. It has a lot of pieces peeling off of it, but I just chalk that up with character. It has a grey, it has red in it, and I mean, some reds and some greys and blacks in it.
And I have…what I’ve done with this piece is I have used a piece of artwork from a child, put it on the wall, and then put the frame around it. And it just makes it very interesting. It’s a very interesting frame. Over here, also, old frame, great relief pattern on top, and just set something in it and just hung it right on the wall. Dark, and then with the texture of the carvings. I just think it really looks great. This is one of my don’ts.
This was a painting that I received many, many years ago, and it was in an old light gallery frame that I loved. And I made the mistake of picking out this frame that is kind of the bumped, shabby-chic look, and I think it was totally a mistake because pictures are expensive to frame, and you want to be able to keep your frame for a long time. And because this is bumped and kind of shabby-chic, it’s going to be dated very quickly. And I just… I made a mistake using this, so I mean, buying this. And so when you’re picking out your frames, you want to think: Is it classic? Is it…is it something that will still look great in five, ten, fifteen years?
This is Ann, and that is how to buy picture frames to complement your decorating style.