How to Arrange the Home Office

How to Arrange the Home Office Hi, I’m Ann, and today we’re going to talk about how to arrange a home office. This is a small little closet with in a closet that I have turned in to my little home office. And I basically have, I really streamlined in here, I love the size of this because I can’t, it’s not very big, so I can ‘t get too messy. So, basically what I have in this office is I have the desk, which has a file cabinet and drawers in it, and then there’s several shelves here.
I, I use a computer downstairs, so my computer isn’t up here, so I don’t need that, and then I just have baskets and different containers to sort in, along with, I don’t know if you can hear this, but this is a florescent light, and it buzzes, and it really bothers me, and I brought in a little lamp in the corner, and it just really sets a great little mood for me if I want to be in here and just not have it so bright, and be working. And this is how I use it all the time, I like kind of a subtle light when I work, so I brought in a lamp to just make it a little homier. I have my paper shredder, which is needed. And then this is probably my messiest little area. Every office needs a messy area. This is just a little iron piece that I stick all my notes, and stick all my pictures and all the things I’m working on up here. These are great, these are old letter and paper holders on a desk, very old pieces that I found at a garage sale that I just loved, and so what I did is I bought as many as I found of these, and I put labels on them.
So, I have a label of important papers, and then I have a label one of my son. So I’ve just kept this office, tried to keep it very organized, and it just has exactly what I need in it, and nothing else. I’m Ann, and that’s how you arrange a home office.