How to Answer – Tell me about yourself

in any interview the first question that is asked is tell me something about yourself though thisthough this looks like a very simple questionit is extremely important that you answer this question very wellsometimes candidates end up answering this question so much in detailideally it is suggested that you answer this question in five or six sentences 11 Best Kitchen Storage Ideas for exampleyou can share your name your age and your place of State 3 would be your highest education qualification4 would be summary of your skills and experienceand 5 would be a couple of qualities that you possess which are relevant to the jobfor examplemy name is Manish Patil I’m 28 and I stay in MumbaiI have completed my bachelor’s and engineering with a specialization ininformation technology Welcome to the Investors Trading Academy event of the week. Each week our staff of educators tries to int… over allI have five years of experience as a software developer with this company I posses excellent communication skills and I m tech savyif the HR manager would like to know anything else then these five or six points they will aks themselvesthis short set of integration is enough to bring the ice and start the oneposition and channel manager will then proceed and ask you for the questionsif you still have questions on how cool individual self in an interviewplease feel free to dial your questions in the comment box below