How do you flea bomb your house. Flea bombing your house is a long drawn out and frankly kind of a pain i…

How do you flea bomb your house. Flea bombing your house is a long drawn out and franklykind of a pain in the keester, but sometimes it has to be done. First what you need todo is make sure you have flea bombs and you need to make sure on your packaging it willtell you how many square foot each bomb will do.
You need to make sure that you purchasethe right amount of square footage for your home. Most foggers are going to come in littlecanisters like this and again like this one treats up to seven hundred and fifty square Home Decor Designer Lamp Ideas feet so. You are going to need to know the square footage of every room you are goingto bomb. And if you need multiple containers per room so be it. Ok so you get your containers and then the next thing you need to do is you need to go around your house and you haveto tape up any and all cabinetry you have. Make sure all your dishes are put away, makesure any food containers that you have open are properly sealed and put away. Any foodthat can not be sealed needs to be thrown out.
Furniture needs to be moved on to uncarpetedareas so as to allow full dispersion of the fogger underneath it. And then you need toremove any cat litter boxes, animal cages such as aquariums, bird cages, things likethat from the house as well. And then you also of course need to follow the exact instructions So… what makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 Waterproof? Well… I happen to have one laying around, … on your fogger. Another thing to also think about is that you are going to have to probablyunplug your refrigerator, you are going to have to make sure you don’t have a pilot light on in the furnace if you are blasting down there.
You also need to make sure you don’thave any kind of pilot light on in the oven. Because this is a potentially flammable objectand you could blow up your house. So always make sure you are taking care of that as well. Again this should all say it on the instructions of your flea bomb, make sure you are followingthem. After that you are going to set off the flea bomb according to the instructionson your flea bomb and you are going to leave your house. You and all your animals needto leave your house for the time that the flea bomb says in the instructions. Afterthat you are going to come back, you are going to open up a bunch of windows, turn some fanson, get your house cleared out and leave again.
Let it sit for an hour or so just lettingyour house air out because there’s a deadly pesticide in your house and you don’t wantto be breathing that in. Ok. Once that’s all said and done, your house is aired out, youcome home, you need to vacuum every room, you need to sweep every room, you need tovacuum all your carpet, all your couches. Wipe down all your furniture, wash all yourlinens, you also need to wash all your dishes and generally anywhere that that pesticidecould have landed on and then could interface with you because it is a potentially harmfulchemical. So be very careful with flea bombing and only do it as a last resort.