Home Decorating Ideas How to Choose Pillows

Home Decorating Ideas   How to Choose Pillows Hi, I’m Ann, and today, we’re going to talk about how to choose pillows. Depending on what we’re getting a pillow for, a lot of times, if you pick out a piece of furniture, a pillow will automatically come with it. On this couch, we…the couch comes with all the pillows, and so you have to kind of take what you’re given. But if you want to ever change this out, you can go and find a great place for pillows. There’s many retail stores, discount stores, that you can find great pillows. So what I could do is if I got tired of these pillows, I could go and get a whole different type of shape and different type of pillow. It would need to have this color in it, but I could bring it in and create a whole different look.
Totally all different types — pillows have down in them, they have foam rubber in them. It really depends on what you like to…how you like to you feel — if you need the support on your back, you like the cushyness. So think about what’s inside the pillow as well as what the pillow looks like. I love texture. I’m a decorator, and I just love texture, and so these fuzzy pillows, I love. Children love these, also. But they’re fun because they’re just a little bit of fur thrown on a bed in the wintertime just gives an extra little flair.
Woven — I love creating an environment with a lot of woven fabrics, and these are a little bit beaten up, but I love these pillows because I love the color and they’re just a grassy, woody woven. And you can put them on anything and change the look up. Look at your pillows, have fun with your pillows. Bring in different textures with your pillows. This is Ann, and that’s how you choose a pillow.