Home Decor Projects that you Will Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Home Decor Projects that you Will Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Hi, it’s Duncan Gillis from MaritimeVintage.com and today I’m going to review with you five home decorating projects that you need to survive the zombie apocalypse The end of this article you have learned how to stay alive in Zombieland (Zombie land) using these five MaritimeVintage home decorating rules and Stick around to the end because you’re not gonna believe the latest the zombie killing decor item. We’ve had come to the shop It’s the most kick-ass item. I’ve ever had come in and you’re not gonna want to miss it to stick around to the end Here they are the home decor rules that will help you survive the zombie apocalypse Rule number one we’re surviving the zombie apocalypse is CARDIO Do you want to build into your daily routine some home decor items that you can use to build your core strength and the repetition?build your arm and leg strength and In the case of the zombie apocalypse may be also able to double as a offensive or defensive weapon What we recommend is a series of gear is walled vintage cast iron pans These are the original early late 1800 early 1900 Cast Iron Pans They come in different sizes We’ve got a number three number six eight much like Flynn found as he was a Going around Rapunzel is a cast-iron frying pan can make a great offensive weapon These things are strong durable and you Will not find a better made cast-iron skillet. They’re great for cooking.
They work actually on the barbecue the smoker and indoors You will burn none. I don’t believe my opinion find it better Those instances where you absolutely just need a square Cardio device we recommend the Griswold breakfast skillet, this is number 666this is the beast and the Beast is what you want if you find yourself in a zombie apocalypse The beast can be used in Integrating into your daily routines to help you build our strength in repetition and the beast can also make a great offensive weapon in the case of the zombie apocalypse our home decorators I use a lot of the Griswold pans as Decor items in the kitchens or pantry still have a wall of skillets that are all actually practical to use as well I’ve seen them integrated into home decor items Just as kind of standing up against the signs blending in and then they people just pull them out So highly recommended Griswold grills if you see them pick one up don’t let them go they’re very hard to find Stake devices out there, and what you want to have especially the Beast in the case All right, here’s my assistant Bria again waving for the audience. Hey Bria. How you doing today? Home Decor Projects that you Will Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Alright, so here is the transfer case where we’re rebuilding right now. We’re going to go ahead and put t… Hey, you gonna help me out later on with the project Oh sure sometime you can for sure Anything else you wanna tell the audience before we go Yeah no rule one of the things we often use and recommend for cardio function is a vintage buoy these buoys have a Considerable weight and have ropes on the end so they can be used for multiple repetitions and so forth a great item for our cardio Machine so they don’t sink into the water And think this part would give you splinters And this part Goodbye It will not be enough to be fast on your feet as the infection spreads the cows grows you’ll need to up your game To avoid becoming a human happy meal you need home decor items that can double as weapons This brings us to rule number two double tap Vintage wooden bats and pins can make great home decor items And we’ll show you a few pictures in those in few minutes They can also make great sport implements that keep you in shape going back to rule number one cardio And they make a very practical double tap item in your battle against the coming zombie Apocalypse the first item we’re going to look at is An early nineteen probably what nineteen eight? Bowling pin made of wood very very solid that way some of three pounds.
It’s a great double tap I don’t you come wind up with it And she gets a lot of momentum where there is a three pound weight there So also makes it great form the core item as you can set it down late against things into the background very functional Hi, my name is Abreu. I’m gonna talk about this little thing had no idea what it is It’s awesome, and this is where my basement is and I have no idea that this is I think it’s a baseball bat That’s an area. That’s made out of wood This is the bottom skinnier this place over here If you were on rule number two the double-time our second set of items are a vintage industrial wrench That’s got some weight to her and their traditional vintage set of clippers We’re gonna look at the wrench we have a lot of these come in for our home decor packages they actually have a lot of home design specialists make them into the basis of a Redesigned despot of lamps with the old vintage lighting and so forth and they’re also still very functional um Get different brands we had standing there whatnot that have some higher 200 value This is a traditional one that was actually used by a plumber and Cape Breton Nova Scotia for probably four years before you retired There you go one weight to it very good Double tap item if you ever find yourself in zombie apocalypse Our other item is our clippers and once again, just like tallahassee or wichita would have done They’re very effective against the coming zombie horde, and they have the added benefit of being functional The next set items we’re going to look at to help us out with rule number two the double tap our blades The first one is quite excited. It’s a nine1831 french Artillery Sword you it was often called a cabbage chopper Due to the fact that it was often used by the agility officers to clear the fields for the larger artillery It’s quite Sturdy it’s got some slight pitting we use these in a home decor field for a couple of things will actually have Collectible collectors, this is quite collectible framing them and put them as part of decor and restaurants or in a man cave in the basement We’ve also had some creative industrial light designs where we’ll have two of them crossed in front of an industrial light display Home Decor Projects that you Will Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse That’s quite nice as well They were based on the Roman design For the French artillery officers quite a nice piece we have here also Going back to our rule number two the double tap quite an effective defensive and offensive weapon against coming The next thing I’m going to look at is a Bayonet, this is a world war 1 bayonet used by the Canadian military this is quite a cool one and in fact that it’s going to match the serial number both on the Scabbard and the bayonet itself. That’s quite rare to find It’s a nice condition weight sharp. I don’t want to take it fully out here inside Once again we do put these as part of decor packages for a lot of our restaurant or bar decor packages We’ll hang these on the walls They also have been incorporated into a lot of our industrial light design packages Once again going back to rule number 2 the double test quite an effective Offensive and defensive weapon so where does a bayonet it can be attached to rifles and other long? Reaching implements to fend off a coming zombie horde rule number two You don’t want to be one of those main course needles that was eaten because you thought your first lo finished the zombie Zombies are tougher than most people realize hence the double tap rule Once you know they’re dead dead Hit him one more time And you’ll want to channel sister Cynthia Knickerbocker Sister sent Cynthia got zombie killer the week’s Know how she did it?
She dropped a piano on his ass And that brings us to the last of our double tap items, but as we said at the start of the article We’re saving this one because it is so Awesome for the end of the article so stay tuned because you’re gonna want to see this one zombie killing decor Zombies can be clever when you’re at your most vulnerable somehow Rule number three beware of bathrooms and what we mean by this is don’t let the zombies catch with your pants down as a zombie apocolypse goes on and resolve is begin to ever over humans you’re gonna start seeing them coming out of the woodwork and That’s why rule number three beware of bathrooms is very important You’re gonna want to start having some home decor project items that can help you Use stealthy techniques to avoid zombies so that you don’t have to do any combat we’re gonna review a few of those The first item we’re going to look at for Rule three beware of bathrooms is a vintage brass lifeboat compass This is original. It was off a lifeboat up out of the Halifax harbor here in Nova Scotia It was used operationally for quite a few years You can also see it’s got a signaling box that you can put a little candle in there and signal two shifts Off in the distance that you’re in a lifeboat and had trouble This would be a great thing for rule number three beware of bathrooms in the zombie apocalypse As this would allow you to stay snugly Go out on water and avoid the zombies So highly recommended also from a decor point of view. This is one of the items. We’ve had a few of them into our decor department And we’ve had made most of them into vintage Industrial lighting displays that have a functional compass in the front part. We’ve also have a few collectors that actually collect maritime Memorabilia, and it’s quite attractive in that as well, so that’s a great item for rule number three we wear patterns So rather than hiding all the time you sometimes I kind of want to draw the zombies out so that you can’t be ready for them and clear space We recommend a usable instrument Such as that used by Tallahassee? Or others in Zombieland to draw the zombies out of hiding ahead of time so that you have time to We’ve got many vintage Instruments that we sell through our decor shop and a lot of our decor themes are musically especially for our restaurants or more Retail shops that might have one a corner of their office have a musical theme to it so go on our site maritime intercom you see all kinds of vintage and70s 80s tile basical instruments as well that can be used in your decor projects you guys some like this Pinchas banjo that our decor or wall hangers, and we’ve got a lot of functional high-end instruments That brings us to rule number four fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride Well the zombie apocalypse hits is a depressing time and that’s when you want to be but buckling up your seat belt and getting ready for the bumpy ride and What we recommend to do. This is to be channeling Bill, Murray?
You know there are only going to be six people left on the earth alive one of them is going to be Bill Murray and that’s why we have set up a dedicated inspirational Pinterest board to The one and only Bill Murray you can see it at maritime vintage as our handle on Pinterest Please follow our board there to get some Inspiration to help you survive the hard times So Remember sometime very soon life’s little Twinkie gauge, it’s gonna Go to empty brings us the rule number 32, which is actually Enjoy the little things How has it got his Twinkie and even though life would never be simple or easy again?with that Spongy yellow blob of cream and without people well, you might as well be a zombie As we promised here, we are at the end of the article, and it’s now time to see that last Awesome double tab light up here. We are Well we recommended it as the ultimate Zombie fighting machine is this vintage 50 caliber browning anti-aircraft gun otherwise known as the m2 Our Stickley home Wow Wow Wow That is what people say when they walk in And it’s in not just the Stickley… this rifle was created by john browning at the beginning heard me at the beginning of World War 1 and it was commonly used in World War two in the b-17 Flying Fortresses It was case of famous as changing some of the balances of power in the air just for the way It was able to fend off attacks of aircraft and so forth it’s quite heavy It comes in at just under 84 pounds. We’re talking Jesse the body venture and the predator movies heavy here folks What we do use the border decor stories in a lot of our industrial lighting projects I mainly for our bar clients or Large indoor basement mantid caves where you want the industrial lighting theme with some kind of anchored Motivator so we’ve actually had four of them into the shop over the last month or so we’ve done three sales of them We have one left and they’re actually Quite fetching when they’re done up as a lighted product like that this one is quite safe The barrel has been drilled you can see there’s actually cement in the stock And it’s been drilled throughout so totally to get decommissioned we have paperwork on it and so forth But there’s no issues that resale where where everything has been drilled and in cementing through once again We’ve also seen me is used by collectors in in their military Displays and so forth so we’ve had some inquiries in that front – as They’re looking for a functional real model to go maybe with one of their uh military vehicles And they want to look vintage or actual to the error and so forth so this is Our recommendation as the ultimate zombie-killing machine if you find yourself in the Zambia complex Apocalypse, but keep in mind you’re gonna have to have some heavy arm strength kind of just Jesse the body Ventura strength To move this sucker around to fend off zombie attacks If you want to see this or other items you can actually check out our store at maritime vintage comm and you can these individual decor focal points or work with one of our stylists and Interior decorator to design a package that’s right for your business or your room in your house That’s why we recommend you always have multiple home decor items on hand that can aid in your zombie defense and We need to know how to use them Don’t pull it over on zombies could be tougher Much tougher than you know even tougher than out And nothing to do with anything But a little sunscreen never hurt anybody just say I’m Duncan Gillis from maritime vintage aka zombie land saying good night Stay safe and watch out for those, Cape Breton mountain chickens I could only dream of having a home decor project that good