Home Decor Ideas. Lighting

Home Decor Ideas.  Lighting Lighting can really make a strong impact in your home decor. With over a hundred and fifty different styles of lights, Michaels has everything you need to create that perfect escape inside or outside. We’ve added a few faux succulents to a simple boxwood garland and layed it down the center of a table. It looks beautiful with string lights with metal wire balls and a second string of LED crackle ball lights woven through the greenery. For this simple centerpiece, we used the rope that already has the lights in it and wrapped it around a large LED candle.
We placed it on a charger and hid the battery pack behind the candle or it can be covered by a few seashells. Simply unwind and style the lighted branches by gently bending out from the stem and string it down a table or across your mantle. We’ve added some additional lighted twigs to fill in areas and then we finished it off with a hurricane candle or two.