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Home Decor Designer Lamp Ideas Hi everyone Today i’m going to show you how to make these awesome balls I’ve got a container with 2 cups of ordinary baking flour2 cups of water and 1 cup of PVA glue. I’m going to use a yoga ball. First we’re going to mark 3 rings out. This will create not only a base, a flat base for it to stand on but it will create an opening to get the yoga ball back out. Make sure you use the end that’s got the air valve Pull a little string out to the front feed it up through the bristles. Ok, now we’re ready.
Let’s start by pulling the string up and laying it across the top. Be careful not to put it inside this black circle. We’re going to keep this blank I drew the black line so every time we turn the ball over we’ll be able to see it and not go over it. This is how it looks after 300 meters or 900 feet of string. Start noticing where all the big holes are we need to concentrate on filling those in. They’re the weak spots on the ball. You can see there’s still plenty of holes.
You can add more string if you want but I think that’s enough. If you wanted to hang it up, at the beginning tie the very first piece of string around the ball and make a loop above the air valve But i’m not going to hang mine up. I’ve got a bowl, i’m going to stand it on the bowl over night Just like that. Here we are with our ball, it’s all dry now. I left mine to dry for 3 days. It’s rock solid and sharp from the glue that’s dried on the string. Let’s deflate the ball.
Find the valve, pull that out. Notice it coming away Ta da, there’s our designer lamp. Use a wire brush to remove excess glue Use something to poke out stubborn spots It’s finally time to paint Paint can soften the ball, it will harden upon drying so be careful to keep it’s shape. I hope you enjoyed learning how to make these fabulous decorating ideasm Home Decor Designer Lamp Ideas