Home Automation on a Raspberry Pi with OpenHAB (and Arduino Sensors)

Want to control your home from your mobile device, or automate mundane tasks like switchingon lights?Home Automation on a Raspberry Pi with OpenHAB (and Arduino Sensors) Frustrated by expensive home automation systems that don’t work with each other and each needa different app to control? You need OpenHAB; it’s free, and you can run the whole thing from a Raspberry Pi. welcome to smart home automation systems under two minutes we’re going to be able to show you everything … Apart from being free and open source, the great thing about OpenHAB is that it workswith over 150 different types of smart home products, from off the shelf commercial systemslike Z-Wave, Phillips Hue, or Harmony Ultimate Remotes, to completely custom devices like an Arduino or just generic HTTP requests. Basically, you can control any kind of smart home product out there.
There’s a web interface, a mobile interface, there’s remote access to control your homefrom anywhere, and you can program your own custom interface if you’re into that kindHome Automation on a Raspberry Pi with OpenHAB (and Arduino Sensors) of thing. Welcome to smart home automation systems i’m going to explain to you what geofence against and how ca… It’s got a powerful scripting language for automating tasks, far beyond the complexityof any other smart home hub out there, or you can use the web API to interact with OpenHABfrom popular automation tools like If This Then That, or TaskerThe only downside to openhab is that it’s pretty tough to get installed and configured. You don’t need a computer science degree, but it helps. Alternatively, you can readour free guide over at makeuseof.com, where we walk you step by step through installingopenhab, get you familiar with the fundamentals of how to install bindings and create items,and then show you how to connect your system with IFTTT. If you can read and type, you too get this thing working… and look out for part 2 ofthe guide, where we go through automating with rules, adding z-wave sensors, and morecomplex stuff.