Hi, welcome back to REALTALK™ with Sarasota’s luxury waterfront specialist, Roger Pettingell. Hey Roger. …

Hi, welcome back to REALTALK™ with Sarasota’s luxury waterfront specialist, Roger Pettingell. Hey Roger. Mary Kay, how are you on this nice summermorning? It’s very warm again, huh? It is. It’s not as warm as a lot of places though. That’s very true.
I meanwe always should remember that. I mean we get in the low 90s for a longer time. Right. But we do have these breezes. Fall’s right around the corner. And air conditioning. You know, in the Esslinger.com has just the soldering tools that jewelers and watchmakers need.
This compact soldering iro… past we’ve talked about furniture. We’ve talked about whether or not it’s anadvantage, if a listing is coming furnished or not furnished. But I thought we’d talked a little bit today about, if you are going to be selling your residencefurnished, how to really thoughtfully prepare a furniture inventory. Right, so furniturecan be a blessing or a curse, for sure. Right. So we like it when it shows off the property. So anything that can give scale to rooms, or you know something that is a morecurrent look say.
Those are the times when we like furniture. We like toinclude that in a sale if a seller wants to not have that. I would say if theseller wants the furniture, please take it. Because the buyer will never pay you Now that we have successfully installed our new Leviton Decora Smart with Wi-Fi devices, this article wil… what it will cost you to replace. Right. Everybody thinks, everybody’s doing afavor with furniture a lot of times. So if you want the furniture, you know we just won’t talk about it.
One of the things that’s really a problem is ifwe’re showing a property and somebody has asked us to sell their placefurnished but it’s you know, furnished a more of convenience orsomething. But they’re saying, “Oh this furniture is so nice.” We’re like, oh yeahit’s beautiful, it came from Robb & Stucky, and they spent, you know a hundredthousand dollars on it. So then, the offer comes in and they’re like we wanteverything but that fancy, hundred thousand dollar furniture. So we’ll takethat right off the price. So that can really work against us. So what we like to do is,take furniture, we package it separately. So, this is my druthers, like thisis how I most like to do it.
Call it, say, you know the property is for sale for amillion, and the furniture may be purchased separately for X. Or sometimeswe won’t even say X. We’ll say it may be purchased furnished, separately. Right. And then what we always do, is inventory it. So in the very beginning of the listingperiod, we’ll come in and we’ll inventory everything that’s going to be sold withthat property. And why that’s so important, is that’s the thing that canstick up a deal, many, many times.
I had a deal, three million dollar condominiumonce. And these people came in, and they’re like, “Oh, where’s the cuttingboard.” And I’m like, what are you talking about? And they’re like, well it was in the days of Corian countertops and this was amatching Corian cutting board. You know, they say they want the cutting boardbecause it matches. And it’s like, I’ll get you one. And they said, “No, itwouldn’t be from the same Corian lot.” I mean, it got silly like that, right. It was important to them.
Right. And so we like to have people, know whatthey’re buying, and we like to have sellers know what they’re selling. Sowhen we inventory that, we really ask our sellers to be thoughtful, and looking itover when they’re signing it because that’s something now you’re offering forsale. And you’ll be contractually bound to that. And the seller or the buyer will beexpecting that as well. It can, it’s an unnecessary reason to have stress in asale. So, you know one of the reasons we’re talking about is, just tocontinue counseling people about the best way to deal with your furniture.
We’re here to sell your property, we’re happy to help you with thefurniture too, but you know the main thing, that’s the big asset here, is theproperty. And make a transaction overall, just go as easy as possible. Right, we wanteverybody to be happy at the end. We do. Thanks so much for joining us on REALTALK™. We hope that you’ll visit us at LongboatRealEstate.com. See you next week.