Hi, welcome back to REALTALK™ with Sarasota’s luxury waterfront specialist, Roger Pettinge…

Hi, welcome back to REALTALK™ withSarasota’s luxury waterfront specialist, Roger Pettingell. Hey Roger. Tech edition. Tech edition alert.
You just got back from Vegas and theConsumer Electronics Show. Right, I’m 20 Master Bathroom Ideas not a big Vegas fan I don’t likeanything unless it’s a sure bet. But gotta tell you I did love this ConsumerElectronics Show. Cool stuff? Let me just giveyou a little bit of flavor. The reason I wentout there, was Coldwell Banker was actually asponsor of part of the show. So this showis two-and-a-half million square feet ofdisplay space.
Wow! So you can imagine, I Hi! This is Rob, founder of Blue Dot Wealth Management. I enjoy educating, so through a se… mean, I had my sneakers on. WhatColdwell Banker was doing was sponsoring the Smart Home section. And that initself was really quite large. Very cool.
And what you would see in there wasdoorbells, video doorbells,electronic locks, a lot of motion sensingvideo cameras, a lot of indoor outdoorcameras. The coolest thing for me thoughwas the companies that were looking tointegrate all those together. So atour house we have the smartlock, and wehave the Ring doorbell, and we have youknow the air conditioning Nest system,but we have to go to three differentapps for that. And you know research is showing, andquite obviously so, that people reallyyou know, that’s not as fun to them. Ithink that people are overwhelmed by it,they’re worried about that it’s notgoing to be relevant soon enough. So thecompany that’s got all the components thatyou can put in and out, and all on oneapp is definitely the way to go, and whatwe’re pitching to our customers to maketheir homes into Smart Homes, which Ithink is going to make them moremarketable, and for higher prices. Ialso just love the cool stuff.
Like there’sthe auto-driving car section, whichis enormous. And the cool thing I saw, I’m not sure how relevant is tomy life, but they’re doing like allthese things where you even have a spoonthey can count your calories. And they have a spoon for handicapped peoplethat keeps it from shaking. Wow. I mean but everything out there isjust so cutting edge. There were177,000 people that came. All kindayoung, smart, you know like vibrant peoplewith these great ideas, 55,000 of themwere from other countries.
Sojust the mixture of ideas and thingsthat were prototypes and stuff you cansee. You know, if you catch me out in townask me about it, I’ll give you about an hour speech about it. We also too, there are some certaincriteria that make your home a smarthome, and if you’re interested in that, wehave that on our website, which islongboatrealestate.com. And I am a SmartHome specialist. I know you are. One of the few. Thanks so much for joining us on thisspecial, tech edition of REALTALK™.
See younext time.