Hi! This is Rob, founder of Blue Dot Wealth Management. Today we’re reviewing the Risk Man…

Hi! This is Rob, founder of Blue Dot Wealth Management. Today we’re reviewing the Risk Management sectionof our Financial Planning Pyramid and in particular one of the less sexy elements,insurance. Let’s first talk about the most commonly known, Alright today I’m going to show you how to take apart an Xbox 360. To pop off the faceplate just… health insurance. There are probably more questions now about Health Insurance than there has ever been. Blue Dot Wealth Management has the resources to put our clients in contact with trustedpeople who are experts in this field.
Health Care is an important part of the Retirement Planning process. The average retiree today will spend $250,000over the course of their retirement on healthcare expenses not covered by Medicare or Medicaid. Here’s the three steps to install Sesame. First, open up the free Sesame app. Second, put … We want to make sure clients are as prepared as possible for this. Next is Life Insurance. Life Insurance is a critical part of every family’s financial planand is often overlooked.
There are a number of different types of Life Insurance. Broadly speaking, there is Term Insurance and Permanent Insurance. Each of these fills different needs for clients and it’s important to understand what youprotect your family with and why. Many people have insurance policies through workand feel they are covered. Sometimes this is not the case. We recommend every client complete an Insurance Needs Analysis to get a feel forwhat they need to protect their family. Disability Insurance.
Disability Insurance is an often overlooked part of a family’s financial plan. Depending on a person’s occupation, insurance coverage is usually pretty reasonable. If someone is in an industry where there is a risk of injuryand is a major breadwinner for the family, this is something that should be discussed. While Blue Dot Wealth Management does not provide Disability Insurance,we do know experts in that field that can assist our friendsshould they need coverage. Last, but not least Long Term Care Insurance. Nothing depletes the resources a family has faster than Nursing care. Being a care giver for a loved one not only takes away earning power,it takes away time, adds stress,and increases financial instability.
Many people think about Long Term Care Insurance being just for retirees,however people of all ages can require in home care. Accidents, people at risk of strokes,or other unforeseen health risks unfortunately happen to people of all ages. There are different kinds of insurance coverage for these different kinds of risk. Blue Dot Wealth Management has years of experience helping friendsand clients navigate the Long Term Care market to find solutionsthat are tailored to their needs. Here to help you for the long haul to help to reach to everything cool! In or next video we’re going to be moving up the pyramid to discuss tax deductions. Don’t miss out and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.