Hi, this is Doug Benson on behalf of Expert Village. I’m going to show you how to balance your checkb…

Hi, this is Doug Benson on behalf of Expert Village. I’m going to show you how to balanceyour checkbook and as a result become a better manager of household finances. Now that weare getting a budget set up on paper we are on our way putting the budget in into practiceisn’t quite as easy.
One tool that people use to help manage a budget is called theenvelope system. The envelope system works very well for items that you can pay cashfor; this isn’t really a new idea and has been around for quite a few years. But it’s Right now we’re going to change the throttle position sensor on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The throttle posit… been recently started to gain unpopularity again it’s simple to setup and very easy touse. The system is based around a few envelopes that you designated for budget items and they have a specific amount of cash in them. Popular use for envelopes are things like groceries,eating out, gasoline for your car, entertainment and pocket money. Take the amount of moneythat you have available for groceries, is an example for the month and put it into theenvelope.
When you buy groceries the money only comes from the grocery envelope the samewill hold through the other envelopes that you designated. When the cash is gone youneed to wait until the next paycheck to put more money into the envelop. The envelopesystem is a great way to get a budget started and for you to quickly see what is left in 52 Amazing DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas each envelope before you go out shopping. Watch my next segment as we continue to learnmore about balancing your checkbook and becoming a better manager of household finances.