Hi, I’m Nathan Turner with Pottery Barn. Summertime is all about being outdoors, and why …

Hi, I’m Nathan Turner with Pottery Barn. Summertime is all about being outdoors, and why not make the most of those longer days? So choosing outdoor furniture is pretty important, and there are a lot of things to consider. For a lot of people, teak is the first Pieroway’s your source for shopping online home store for furniture. bedroom furniture sets. … thing that comes to mind. And rightfully so.
It’s a classic, and it is the hardest wood. It’s very durable. They don’t make boats out of it for nothing. One of my favorite things about teak is that it ages into a beautiful gray, silvery patina. The Chesapeake and Faraday collections are fantastic. They’re made out of eucalyptus,which is FSC certified and sustainably harvested. So some tips on matching furniture.
There is no tips on really matching furniture. The reason why is because ever… The great things about these collections is that there’s so much to choose from. So no matter if you’re setting up a small little breakfast nook or an entire patio,there’s gonna be something there for you. The Chatham Collection is in mahogany. Mahogany is such a warm, rich wood,that it almost makes you feel like you’re bringing your indoor furniture out. Mahogany is also a great wood because it’s really durable and it doesn’t splinter easily. If you have limited storage, Pottery Barn offers two collections that can stay outside year-round.
The first collection is the All-Weather Wicker. All-Weather Wicker comes in Palmetto and Torrey. I love the All-Weather Wicker. It’s classic, it looks like wicker, but it doesn’t have the challenges that wicker faces with the elements. This stuff is durable, you can leave it outside year-round, wherever you live, it’s gonna work. Another great material for outdoor furniture is aluminum, and Pottery Barn offers the Riviera Collection. This is not your grandmother’s wrought-iron furniture which was so heavy.
The Riviera Collection is lightweight, it stacks easily,and my favorite thing about Riviera is it’s completely weather and rust-proof,and does not need to be covered or stored. It’s so easy to rearrange and put into different places, I love this furniture. Summer is the best time to extend your home outdoors. And Pottery Barn has a collection of outdoor furniture for you, no matter what your lifestyle or aesthetic. So I encourage you to get outside with your friends and family, and enjoy these wonderful, warm, summer months.