Hi I’m Larin Parker for Expert Village. We’re talking about cleaning out some of the dust and dirty that …

Hi I’m Larin Parker for Expert Village. We’re talking about cleaning out some of the dustand dirty that builds up in circuit boards. If it’s an older circuit, chances are it’s
I can clean of the semi conductorsand leads of things with the alcohol and it picks up a lot of the dirt and it doesn’tleave behind any residue. Of course that?s the problem with water. Water does not evaporateas quickly as alcohol and then if you get rubbing alcohol from the pharmacy, chances CAREGIVER #1: I know what you’re thinking… CAREGIVER #2: College is how much?! CAREGIV… are that it?s going to leave behind a little bit of film. That isopropyl alcohol is notgoing to be quite as good as the D natured alcohol which is available at paint stores. This stuff is as close to one hundred percent alcohol as you can get. They say D natured they add a little bit of poison to it so you can’t drink it.
It’s illegal to sell a hundredpercent saturated alcohol at a paint store of course. Basically every once in a whileas things age, they get to be ten or twenty years old you need to open it up and get someof that grime out of there. Especially where there are switches and contacts where dirtfrom people’s fingers are going to get into these grooves and are going make clickingsounds or popping sounds. I could go in there with a Q-tip pretty easily and just kind ofpick up some of the dirt in there. The other way I do things, I find one components likea switch like an older style switch like this that really is in bad shape, I actually removeit from the circuit board, here I have an ultrasonic cleaner and it has a little bitof distilled water in it, and I’ve added just a little bit of a cleaner to it. I’m justusing simple green, and this is actually and ultra sonic cleaner that is intended for jewelry. It?s a lot cheaper than the ones that you buy that are intended specifically for electronics,but does the same job.
When I turn it on you can see it creates ripples and vibrationsin the water. If you leave it in there for about ten minutes it will agitate the componentand create bubbles in the cleanser which allows it to clean off all the grime that you can’tget to. It will get into all the little nooks and crannies and clean it where we can’t reachwith Q-tips.