Hi, I’m India, and I’m in the Kenmore Smart Lab today answering your questions about smart technolog…

Hi, I’m India, and I’m in the Kenmore Smart Lab today answeringyour questions about smart technology. How fast will my smart appliances become obsolete? I know what you’re thinking. Am I going to have to replace my smart appliance every couple of yearslike I do my smartphone?
Hello! What I like best about studying here is the teachers. They are really friendly, they are … Well, the answer is no. Kenmore smart appliances have 100years of trusted Kenmore performanceand reliability behind them, but with the added convenience of being smart. The brains behind our smart appliances are really in the Kenmore Smart app. Kenmore’s engineering team will always be working to make things smarter,faster, and better. And when they do, they’ll pass those advancements along to youin the form of app updates.
If you have a cracked camera lens on your Galaxy S8, don’t worry, it can be replaced on its own for cheap… From time to time, you’ll get a message to update your app, just like you do with your smartphone. You won’t need to make any updates to your smart appliance. It all happens right here. That’s it! Simple. The Kenmore Smart Washer has about a dozen different washcycles on the unit, but there are only so many buttons you can fit on there. With the Kenmore Smart app, you can download even more cyclesto meet your laundry needs.
Got a load of jeans? Workout clothes? Swimsuits? Kenmore’s got a cycle for that. And when your Kenmore Smart app gets updated, so will your Smart Washer. Pretty cool, right? Now that’s smart.
That’s Kenmore.