Hi, I’m India, and I’m in the Kenmore Smart lab today, answering your questions about smart technolo…

Hi, I’m India, and I’m in the Kenmore Smart labtoday, answering your questions about smart technology. How hard is it to program a smart appliance? Well, let me ask you this. Do you have Wi-Fi in your house? Do you know how to download an app? Heather: I know that McCarthy were working in my favour and doing the right thing by me, because I’d give… Then you have everything you need to get your smart appliance up and running in a matter of minutes.
Really, there’s no programming at all. Just download the free Kenmore Smart app and followthe step-by-step instructions. QR codes on the appliances make registration a snap. Just scan the code, and all of your appliances’ infois automatically saved in the app. No more looking for model numbers or digging Flex Steel Furniture at Pieroway’s for your home or office. Explore the home furniture styles from tradit… through drawers to find user manuals. It’s all right here whenever you need it.
Now that’s smart. That’s Kenmore.