Hi. I’m Bill Becker. I’m the CEO and founder of BDI. At BDI we’re a design driven company so we really fo…

Hi. I’m Bill Becker. I’m the CEO and founder of BDI. At BDI we’re a design driven companyso we really focus on how do we improve on products, how do we innovate, and how do wecreate something better. Avion was our first cabinet, our first enclosed product. The Avion is a product that we’revery proud of.
It’s a signature product for BDI. It’s a very clean, linear design. It’soffered in three finishes: cherry, walnut, and espresso. For Avion we developed these Today we are going to do a durability test on the Blackberry PRIV! I do durability tests on ALL the major… doors that would be IR compatible so that it would work with IR remotes. Avion is in thousands of homes out there and many, many people have really enjoyed using that product. We’ve recently redesigned Avion to make it even better, and we’ve added asteel structure so that it no longer has a middle leg.
We’ve changed some of the otherhardware and we’ve incorporated slow-close doors. Since one of our core values at BDIis continual improvement it was really important to us with Avion to make it the best productit could be and so we took a really great product and we made it better. We really want to make sure that the product that we produce is aligned with who we areas a company and so we’re very focused on quality and we make sure that at all parts 5 DIY Home Decor Ideas for Spring Summer of the production of our furniture the people that are involved in it also are aligned withthat core value of sweating the details.