Hi, I am Hock Eng from Keysight Technologies. After learning through the Keysight IoT Fundamentals, and…

Hi, I am Hock Eng from Keysight Technologies.
After learning through the Keysight IoT Fundamentals, andSystems Design applied courseware,you can now start to apply what you have learned into some real world applications.this article demonstrates how we are going to use the IoT development kitplus some sensors, actuators, LEDs to develop a mini smart home application. The actual name working capital loans, states everything. They are loans that offer one with the working … This is the actual setup for the mini start home application. We are using a mini doll house. And the U3800A IoT development kit is mounted over here. An external third party Arduino shield is used to extend the sensors connections. There are two LEDs over here,a mini fan driven by a relay and batteries.
A buzzer,analog temperature sensor and a reed switchThe U3800A development kit now is connected to the Internet. Mike: Hi, my name is Mike Robertson. Phil: And I’m Phil Hassell. Mike: And we’re the co-di… The Intel Edison which serves as a gateway and also installed with the MQTT broker. The MQTT client is installed on the mobile phone (Tablet). Now, let’s look at some smart home application examples. When it’s getting dark, the LEDs or the lights in your house can be automatically turned on.
Now this is due to the TI sensortag has a built-in light density sensorand it can transmit the data to the development kit via Bluetooth. When the temperature in your house is too hot,the mini fan can be turned on automatically when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. In this example, we are using the analog temperature sensor to detect the room temperature. And when it exceeds certain threshold that we have set,the mini fan will be turned on. It is always not a good idea to leave your house door open or unlocked. That is why it is important to have an alarm system to detect whether the door is secured and locked. So when the door is opened, the alarm is on indicating that the door is unsecured.
This is done using a reed switch connected to the IoT development kit. It is always exciting and also fun to see that what you have learned,you can actually apply it to do some real world applications. Such as the mini smart home application that we have just shown. And also this is the benefit from learning through our Keysight IoT Fundamentals, andSystems Design applied courseware. Hope you’ve enjoyed the video. For further details, please do visit our website.