Hi guys! It’s LaTisha from YoungFinances.com. Today were talking about how to budget for groceries. I…

Hi guys! It’s LaTisha from YoungFinances.com. Today were talking about how to budget for groceries.
In order to budget for groceries you’re going to want to set a budget obviously. So think about how much you want to spendeach month and think about how much you like to eat so if you know you like to eat higher-qualityfoods if you like organic your budget is probably going to be a little bit higher. Just kinda keep inmind the way you like to eat how you like eat, so you can figure out your food budget. Now you have your grocery budget set you can start planning your meals. You don’t have to plan Turn on the lights of the house “I’ve turned on the lighs of the house” Close the kitchen … every meal and you don’t have to plan every meal to a T. Think about what you typically liketo eat for breakfast what you usually eat for lunch, and what you typically have for dinner so a good way to do this is to take your entire budget for the month and split it into 30days. So if you have a $300 budget for the month then that’s going to give you $10 a day.
10 dollars a day times 30days is $300 that’s right. Take that $10 a day and think about how can I split this $10 a day fivedollars for dinner maybe three dollars for lunch and two dollars for breakfast. It’s reallynot that difficult if you want to keep your grocery budget down so for example let’s saythat you like eating eggs. You can get a months worth of eggs for maybe $6 and so your breakfastbudget if you eat eggs every single day is not going to be that expensive but if you add milk to that Its been 16 years since the release of the Nokia 3310… This is that awesome invincible phone with the S… if you add bread to that if you add cheese to that for example then your budget is going to go a little bit higher. The more vegetables that you eat a lower that your budget has to be it’s a good thing right? You eat healthy and you don’t have to spend as much money.
Now that you have your meals planned and your grocery budgetplanned out you are ready for step three which is batch cooking. Batch cooking is a great wayto make sure that you’re not running to the grocery store during the month. So this issomething that I did. I decided to batch cook my meals so that I would be able to prevent myselffrom going to the grocery store every time I go to the grocery store I tend to pick upsomething that I wasn’t going there for, but it was on sale and so I figure if I spendless time in the grocery store I could spend more time saving. To do this I just decidedto batch cook. I bought a ton of stuff. Everything that I needed for dinners for the entire month.
So all of my ground turkey, all of my chicken all of my vegetables everything and I chopped everythingup I precooked a couple of items and I threw everything in the freezer. So now most of the items thatI need for the month already prepared and already cooked. It took a little bit of time and preparationto do this but it’s really going to work out in the end because I’ve saved so much moneyalready. This month I spent half as much as I spent last month on groceries so it’s definitelypossible to do and I think that planning your grocery budget, batch cooking, and setting abudget really can help you to budget for groceries. And now you get a chance to dream of all thingsyou can do with that extra money. Do you have more questions about budgeting maybe you want to figureout how to budget for car or budget for a house I don’t know, but if you do have questions leave themin the comment box below just fill it up with any questions you have any suggestions forupcoming videos I had someone suggest a Rob on how to budget for an apartment so thank youso much for your suggestion.