Hi everybody, it’s Chris Crawford with the Integrity Comfort Solutions! I wanted to talk to you today abo…

Hi everybody, it’s Chris Crawford with the Integrity Comfort Solutions! I wanted to talk to youtoday about the new S-30 thermostat from LennoxI gotta admit it’s pretty awesome! wave your hand in front of it, and your home screen comes up. This thing has some MAJOR capabilities to it. First of all it’s linked to yourcell phone so it knows when you’re actually at the house, when you’ve leftthe house, and even when you’re coming back, and adjusts the thermostat Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas 2017 temperature accordingly. So instead of actually having to program it all in there,it just knows when you’re here and when you’re not! that’s pretty awesome!
Second, it’s actually linked to AccuWeather. So itknows the outdoor conditions. Not only what the temperature is, but what the humiditylevels are and whether or not there’s a lot of those ozone alerts or even what theallergens are, for instance as you can tell right now tree allergens happen tobe very high right now here in Houston. So it adjust the blower speed accordingly and operates with yourfiltration system to make sure that your home is as free of allergens as we can possibly get it. Key point to maintaining your furniture. There’s different furniture you can buy. There’s bedrooms, livin… It’s a pretty awesome thermostat.
It’s fully monitored, links to your cell phonewhich is great so you can control it from far away. We can actually monitor your system at your house. So if you happen to be at work and your systemstarts out of having problems, from our office, we’re usually calling you ahead of time telling you”Hey your systems having a problem! When can we come out and see you?”It’s pretty awesome thermostat! it’s always available here atIntegrity Comfort Solutions. Call us at any time. 281-346-3095.