HGTV Smart Home 2017 – Tour the Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is like a cozy cocoon of color, meantto lull you right to sleep.HGTV Smart Home 2017 - Tour the Master Bedroom The walls are painted in a warm charcoal gray. That while it’s still an edgy neutral,it is also very calming. Shop local, buy local with CLS Direct!
Our selection of home furniture includes matching sets for your li… The tailored white bed is a great contrastthat looks crisp and clean against the wall color. Different shades of blues bring in just enough colorto add interest, but not overpower the space. I use the color blue to bridge the sleepingarea and the sitting area there’s maybe an indigoon the bed and floor, then a pop of cobalt on the chaise lounge. Now, the colors don’t necessarily match. But they’re all within that same cool family. welcome to smart home automation systems under two minutes we’re going to be able to show you everything … And that is what makes this bedroom work. The seating area looks out over great views to the outdoor spaces, which are alsoaccessible through the sliding doors.
Artwork is another element in this roomthat adds a lot of interest. I’ve hung a white feather African headdress,added colorful abstracts. And even the sculptural sconces that I pickedout look like artwork in here. This master bedroom has everythingit needs to be well designed, and alsodesigned for deep relaxation.