Hey Y’all, it’s Rose, and today we’re going to take a look at Google Wifi. I swapped out my old router fo…

Hey Y’all, it’s Rose, and today we’re going to take a look at Google Wifi. I swapped out my old router for Google Wifi a couple of months ago because it was overwhelmedby security cameras, smart home hubs, and other devices. And using Google WiFi has definitely made things more stable, but today I wanted toshare with you three other features that I feel make Google Wifi a smart choice for smarthomes including IFTTT, a direct integration with Philips Hue and also device management. Diy Fall Home Decor Number 1: IFTTT. Google Wifi has an IFTTT channel with both triggers and actions. You can use premade Applets or create your own. From a smart home perspective, the most useful applets include those that let you know whenyour devices are either connected or disconnected from the network.
For example, If your Netatmo Welcome goes offline, you can receive a phone call or maybeturn your Hue lights blue. You can also prioritize devices. For example, if Blink detects motion, you can prioritize Nest Cam for an hour. How to Make Your Home Safe and Fun for Baby’s First Steps. Make your home a safe, fun place as your baby … Number 2. Google Wifi integrates directly with Philips Hue. Anyone connected to your network can visit On.here to control your Philips Hue lights.
You can limit this to those connected to your primary network, or you can also include thosewho are connected to your guest network. Number 3. You can use the app to see what’s online, offline, or even how much bandwidth each deviceis consuming. You can use the app to deny a device access to the internet or even a group of devicesaccess to the internet, which is a good option for those who have a touch of security cameraparanoia. I fully expect that Google will release even more smart features soon. I’m holding my breath for Works with Nest integration and perhaps other security featureslike notifications if an unknown device tries to join your network. My biggest concern is that Google will leave me high and dry, kind of like they did toRevolv hub users and Google OnHub users.
The difference here is that Google Wifi is actually a Google-made device, which givesme a little bit of hope, enough to invest in the router for sure. If y’all have any questions, feel free to comment below. In the description below, you will find a link to my full written review. And I appreciate y’all spending time with me today, and I will see ya soon.