Hey what’s up! Xiaomi invited me to attend their first MIDC IOT conference. Some interesting developments…

Hey what’s up!
Xiaomi invited me to attend their first MIDC IOT conference. Some interesting developments with Xiaomi’s Internet of Things,advancements on their AI-technologyand some new smart home product announcements. let’s go! The event kicked off with a speech by Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun who announced that Xiaomi isthe world’s largest IOT platform, having over I chose Whitman because of the accounting faculty. They’re always supporting me in my life professionally… 85 million connected devices. They’ve also announced a partnership with Baidu, which is most likely going to involve Baidu’s conversation based AI “Duer-OS”. So Xiaomi is putting much focus on developing their AI speaker of which they’ve shown many statsand numbers.
They’ve also given their AI an actual face, and they’ve shown that with thisamazing looking video. To top that off they’ve announced a limited edition MI ai speaker in this shapeand that is expected to be launched somewhere next year. This Smart Home stuff is really cool, but I just don’t understand how they works together. I don’t … Xiaomi also announced a new temperature and humidity sensor with a display. It connects over Bluetooth 4.2. Wait,what? Bluetooth?
But….there’s actually a very interesting catch to it. Xiaomi developed a new core boardthat serves as the heart of their upcoming IOT devices. This coreboard has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and sort of functions as a Bluetooth gateway. So devices that use these boards should be able to control other Wi-Fi enabled productsfrom these Bluetooth devices. So that Mijia lamp, that recently came out, that has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fithat actually functions as a gateway. So this means that the temperature sensor can actually communicate with the lampand it will be able to connect over Wi-Fi because the lamp functions as that gateway. So this is a very interesting development that makes Bluetooth make a little bit more sense.
I must say this temperature and humidity sensor looksrather nice and I was hoping for such a device for a little while… I’ve gotten one of these temperature sensors at the event so I will be doing a video on thistemperature sensor very soon, which is officially coming out on December 5th. Xiaomi also explained how they’ve made their implementation software open sourceso developers can more easily implement connectivity features in their products. So overall Xiaomi is making real efforts to make it easier fordevelopers to implement integration with the Mi Home appas well as integration with their AI speakers, So I hope to see many example of this in the next yearIn the afternoon I attended a presentation by Yeelight,who are also soon gonna be introducing their own type of AI speakerwhich they have shown some teasers of… For me this was kind of an unexpected move for Yeelightwill most likely hear more about it quite soon as it seems yeelightis working on quite a lot of things. And during this trip to Beijing I managed to get a tour around one of Xiaomi’s offices,and I’ve actually got to ask some questions to one of Xiaomi’s vice presidents Grandi Gao. I’m gonna be putting up a video about this very soonalso I will be doing a video on the new temperature sensor soon as well.
This was it for the Xiaomi event. Let me know down here in the comment section what you thinkand what you hope Xiaomi is going to be working on… And I hope to see you guys soon!