Hey there, chip marshal here. Today I want to cover the all-important topic of cat repellents. I spend a …

Hey there, chip marshal here. Today I want to cover the all-important topic of cat repellents. I spend a great deal of time working around animals and cats are without a doubt the mostunique and hardest to predict. I’ve had so many people over the years ask me aboutwhich repellents work the best. So I finally decided to dedicate a few weeks of my timeto research and test all of the different cat repellents on the market.
If you are searchingfor a cat repellent then you are most likely facing 1 of 2 different problems. First, you 28 Home Makeover Ideas 2017 need to train and repel your own cat from certain areas inside or outside of you home. Or you need to stop other people’s cats from coming into your yard all-together. I will cover the absolute best options for each of these scenarios. If you are interestedin any of these items that I talk about, I just posted a great page on my blog with allmy best cat repellent tips. You can get more information about these deterrents, read customerreviews and also take advantage of my special discounts. Scenerio 1: Training and repellingyour own cat from restricted areas inside of your home.
The repellent that easily rankedat the top of my list was a motion activated cat spray that automatically emits a quickburst of spray to repel your cat from restricted areas. It is painless, stainless, and simple A common mistake that people make when they buy furniture. The biggest mistake that I’ve seen is when con… to use. This item has been a best seller for years and it was the quickest and most effectivesolution that I tested. Scenerio 2: Training and repelling your own cat from restricted areas outside of your home. If we are dealing with your own pet then the best cat repellentwas a very simple cork tree. In testing we were able to drastically deter cats away fromtheir favorite plants, flowers and other areas of the lawn.
It is just a simple cork treethat is coated in a special mixture of essential oils. It is 100% natural, contains no harshchemicals and is completely bio-degradable. Scenerio 3: Keeping strays and neighborhoodcats away from your yard all-together. If the cork trees are a pick ax, then this deviceis an excavator. This motion activated sprinkler will detect and spray animals in a 1000-square-footarea day and night. Once an animal has a run in with one of these repellents, they won’tcome back. And not only is it an excellent cat repellent, it is also the best way torepel squirrels, skunks, deer and any other unwanted wildlife away from your yard.