Hey Indiegogo. Are you tired of using a remote control for your air conditioner? well meet the touch A/C….

Hey Indiegogo. Are you tired of using a remote control for your air conditioner? well meetthe touch A/C. All you need to do is swipe this baby and the room is automatically filledwith cool refreshing air.
Look at this imbecile, doing the rain dancetrying to control the temperature, bouncing like that I’d probably sweat like a pig anyway. When I want to control the temperature I use Sensibo. When decorating the living room, and you’re arranging your furniture you want to make sure that you have … It’s based on a simple idea really, just make me feel good. Hey Paul & Dan, What’s the temperature in the room right now? 90 degrees Fahrenheit/28 celsius. Is it hot or cold? Hot.
You see, nobody cares what the exact temperature is, it’s just about being comfortable. Sensibo is a device that turns any remote controlled A/C into a connected super smart one. So smart in fact that if you choose full automatic mode you’ll never have to thinkabout your A/C ever again. Sensibo turns up the heat before you wake Dining Room Decorating Ideas up in the winter, it cools your house down before you come home in the summer. It’s likeyour mom and dad just without having to hear about its back problems. Hi Mom. I’d like to take a brief moment and explain how Sensibo is installed.
Oh look, here’s the team behind Sensibo, engineers, designers, visionaries. They’ve invested yearsof their lives in this product not only to make your life more comfortable but also becauseof a green agenda. Not thatThe other green. Yes, Sensibo reduces the energy your A/C usesby an average of 40%, making it good for the planet and for your electricity bill. PersonallyI don’t care about Earth, but if it doesn’t bother me I don’t mind letting it exist. Its app is so beautiful and intuitive you’ll get things done in less than 2 seconds, andspend the extra 20 seconds you just saved on staring at it in admiration. And there’s an app for pebble too.
Living in a rented apartment? Sensibo can be moved from A/C to A/C, here’s how. Sensibo even works with your 20 year old remotecontrolled A/C, cause an old dog can learn new tricks. Fetch. I don’t need your help, but these guys do. If you back Sensibo they can begin the manufacturingprocess and improve your quality of life significantly, but more importantly they’ll be able to payme for being in this article. Thank you.