Hey, how’s it going Dave 2d here so Amazon partnered with me for a second gift guide this one’s for smart home tech…

Hey, how’s it going Dave 2d here so Amazon partnered with me for a second gift guide this one’s for smart home tech so ifYou know someone who’s interested in smart homes because they moved into a new house or a new apartmentOr if they just want to bring technology into their home this article is for youI actually recently moved into a new homeand I had to do a little bit of research to figure out what I wanted what I didn’t want andThese are my top picks How To Pick Out Art For The Dining Room I thought I’d share them with you. The most important thing of a smart home is seriously the Wi-Fi backbone because if we don’t have goodWi-Fi none of the smart home stuff is gonna work well and the one I went with was the EERO mesh Wi-Fi.
It comes with one EERO hub which connects to your modem and aCouple of beacons which you place around the house now good Wi-Fi is super important because if you have devices that drop connection once inA while your smart home experience is going to be so much worse, I highly recommend getting a mesh systemYou can go with the router, but the thing is when you have bigger spaces with multiple floorsYou just want Wi-Fi that blankets everything with strong solid connections, so I highly recommend a mesh systemI’ve used a lot of mesh Wi-Fi systems the one from Google, ASUS, D-Link, but my personal favorite is seriously the ERRO Hello! Hi guys, this is a quick update about our channel… We’re in the UK at the moment … There’s the reason why this thing has four and a half stars on AmazonIt’s just super simple to set up really great software And this is the other bonus these devices at least the second-generation oneDoesn’t have a power cable that needs to connect to this thing, it plugs up right into the wallAnd it even has a nightlight feature that you can control within the appOkay, next up is the outdoor smart cam from NestAnd I’ve actually purchased quite a few smart cams from Nest over the years. Their hardware is always good, very wellBuilt and reliable I still use one of the original dropcam’s from 2010And it still works perfectlyThis one here is meant for outdoor use so it’s waterproof and includes all the hardware that you would need to kind of install itWherever you want it to be and it makes a great gift for someone who wants to keep an eye on things when they’re notAt home and because it has a mic you can interact with the people that appear on the camera so if a delivery man showsUp and you want to tell him something you can through the micOkay, so the next gift idea is a little bit bigger, but it’s actually one of my favorite pieces of techI have right now. It’s an air purifierit’s called the Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Link and it can be a fan to cool you down or aHeater when you want it to be and the whole timeIt’s an air purifier. That uses a HEPA filterIt has remote so you can adjust things like air speed the angle of the air the oscillation and things like thatbut there’s also an app which gives you control of all of this andWithin the app you can see the current air quality of the roomIt’s a really advanced air purifier, but it’s a great gift for some who wants better air circulation or better air qualityOkay, next we have the Philips hue white and color ambience starter kit nowThis is a kit that comes with four bulbs and one hub and of all the smart lights I’ve usedThis is the thing that’s most connected basically any big-name home automation service can connect to this thingThe lights are your standard bulb shapes that will fit into your standard sockets, and it has great softwareyou can use it to change the ambient colors of rooms and stuff or you can use the app to turn your lights on andoff remotely for a little bit of home securityAnd because this thing has such a good integration with so many home automationServices if you want to you could technically make all of the lights in your houseOperated by voice, which is really cool. Okay.
I’ve linked all of these items below if you’re interested in purchasing themHope you enjoyed this article thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved itSee you guys next time