Hey guys this is Austin and welcome to episode two of the Ultimate Smart Home. Kicking things off we have…

Hey guys this is Austin and welcome to episode two of the Ultimate Smart Home. Kicking thingsoff we have the Google OnHub router.
While it doesn’t look like a traditional routerthis has one big advantage: antennas. A lot of them. Crack the box open and you’ll seeit’s pretty straightforward, you get the OnHub and the power adapter and pair of Ethernetcables. It’s got a speaker on top and a removable shroud which hides the power connector, USB 3 port and pair of Ethernet jacks. To setup just plug it in and download the OnHub Apple’s Echo-Like Smart Home Device app for iOS or Android and it walks you through getting everything up and running. It’sactually pretty smart, you can see how many devices are on the network and even see the real time speeds or how much data is being used by each device. The biggest advantageis for if you live in a place that has poor Wi-Fi reception, the OnHub has six 2.4 gigahertzantennas, six five gigahertz antennas and an extra antenna that scans for the best bandsto use in congested areas.
I was consistently able to pull rock solid speeds in areas wherethe old router gave out and OnHub also supports controlling smart home devices like BluetoothSmart, Weave and more. Following that we have the Amcrest ProHD security camera and bigthanks to Amcrest for sponsoring this episode. Pop open the box and you’ll see the ProHD Hi, my name is David. I’ve been with Furniture Leasing Corporation for almost 2 years now. I’m an America… itself along with a few accessories like the power adapter and optional mounting hardware. It works over Wi-Fi but you’ll need a 2.4GHz network, it also works over Ethernet though if you’re able to hardline. The ProHD has a motorized head for some pretty sick shots,well you know that and being able to look around the room.
It also has a 1080p camerathat looks pretty legit and a 90 degree field of view. On top of the 1080p footage it alsohas a night vision mode which works up to30 feet away for when you just have to seewhat’s lurking in the shadows. You can also talk through the ProHD, it has a built-inspeaker but you can also connect a separate microphone and speaker to it if you want togo all out. It all works over Wi-Fi or Ethernet using the Amcrest View app on your phone,you can fully control the pan, tilt and digital zoom to check out what’s going on and starta recording. It’s saved to either the cloud, a local recorder or a MicroSD card. You caneven set it up to send you an alert when it detects motion or even connect a wired alarmsystem. Next up we’ve got the new Google Chromecast.
The last version was one of myfavorite pieces of tech and the new version is rocking a much flashier design which makessense because it’s going to be behind the TV and you’re never going to see it again. Unlike the last version which was a dongle with the HDMI built-in the new Chromecasthas a flexible cable which is helpful for plugging it in into tighter spots behind yourTV. You’ll still need to power it with MicroUSB but since most TVs already have a USB portfree it’s a pretty easy setup. The cable attaches to the Chromecast with a magnet whichis nice for travel but it is a bit bigger than the last generation. On the flip sideit has seen some internal upgrades most notably vastly improved 802.11ac Wi-Fi support whichshould make things much more reliable especially in areas with poor Wi-Fi signals. The realdraw remains the same though, the Chromecast can turn any HDMI TV into a smart TV thatyou actually want to use. Everything is controlled from your smartphone or from the Chrome browser,there is a new Chromecast app which allows you to search through content on your devicebut the easiest way is to just hit the Cast button that automatically shows up in mostapps.
It’s one of the best ways to quickly get content on your TV and while it’s limitedto 1080p for $35 it’s hard to complain. So what do you want to see in the next episode? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one.