Hello welcome to the money management kit online. The kit has been designed to assist you …

Hello welcome to the money management kit online. The kit has been designed to assist youto teach the basics of money management to people new to Australia. To make the information accessible the resources are provided in sixteen languagesand in different formats like factsheetsaudio stories 36 Ingenious dollar store organization ideas #2 and photo stories. You’ll find information on ten money management topics including household budgets,banking, debtand others. Within the topics you’ll find that information is divided into three levelsas some people have a greater financial literacy than others.
Level one is for people with a limited understanding of money issues. Level two is for people with some understanding 5 Southern Home Décor Ideas and level three is for those with a higher level of understandingand remember that their understanding may vary depending on the topic. So let’s look at how you might use the site. First, take a look at the kit topics. These are for you. They explain how you can use the kit and also provide activities and storiesthat you can use. Symbols like key messagescan help you to quickly identify the important information you can focus onin your teaching.
And there are symbols to find extra resourceslike audio and photo stories which are available in all sixteenlanguages. You can print out the documents that you need. The first step is to assess the financial literacy of the people you’re helpingand the kit can help you to do this. Each money topic starts with some basic questions about the subject. You can use the question mark symbols to find the questions or you can ask yourown questions. It might work like this…let’s assume you’re helping someone who is from Kenya,speaks little English and wants to open their first bank account. They’ve had littleexperience using banksso information about banking is what’s requiredand ideally sourced from a Level 1 level of understanding.
Soyou could play them audio story and photo story on bankingand give them a copy of the banking factsheetyou could use the plain English version or select another language they understand betterlike Swahili. As they come to better understand bankingyou could move through the information and activities from banking Level 2. This is in English. You can also print from a list of useful contacts and resources provided by othergovernment agencies. The money management kit is flexibleit can help you to help others by providing you with the resources that best suits whoyou are working with.