Hello, We’re Grist and Larsen! We’re a poet and filmmaker who make spoken word videos for YouTube. We’ve …

Hello, We’re Grist and Larsen!
We’re a poet and filmmaker who make spoken word videos for YouTube. We’ve been doingit for a long time now and we really enjoy making them. The Rough Guide have recently teamed up with Legal & General to create ‘The Rough Guideto Money and Savings’ – sort of like their guides to cities and things but this time it’s about financesAnd Mark and I aren’t into financial jargon, but we downloaded it for free and there is Life insurance is a way of protecting your family or your loved ones in the event that you pass away. And… loads of really useful information inside. So what we’ve done is we’ve put togetherfive easy to remember rhymes based on the most useful tips inside. I mean, after all, who better to take financial tips from than a poet and a filmmaker? Okay, rhyme number one.
Sign up to vote‘Cos it helps you change things And it also helpsYour credit ratingIf you sign up to vote on the electoral register you can vote in all upcoming elections. Yeah, it takes you, like, 5 minutes and you’ve got a voice. Ah, but the added bonus is that it automatically improves your credit rating. This is Financial Advisor Patrick Munro, talking to you about how a household budget works. Many … Rhyme number 2If you want to buy something, but you’re not sure if you can afford it or not, a good way of thinking about it is to think ‘Well, how many hours will it take to pay this off?’You want something But is it worth it? How many hours does it take to earn it? Rhyme Number 3If you don’t want to be a victim of fraud Don’t bank with wifi that isn’t secureCorrect.
I mean, whether you’re on your computer, your iPad, your phone, whateveryou’re using, if you’re using a public network, then it’s possible for others tosneak up and see what you’re up to, which is not good. Rhyme Number 4If you earn over ten grand Your pension’s in handYeah, I mean, neither Mark or I knew whether or not we were paying into a pension, butapparently the rule is, in most cases, if you’re earning over £10,000, then you’reautomatically enrolled into the company pension. Yeah, I mean, your workplace, for that to happen, does have to be bought into a companypension, but most workplaces are and everyone will have to be by February 2018. And finally, Rhyme Number 5If you’re anxious, arguing, or aren’t sleeping properlyIt’s probably time to talk to somebodyAbout 40 per cent of people say that money is one of their biggest stresses in life. And yet nearly half of us say that finances are a private thing that we shouldn’t talkto anyone about. The effects of money worries include:anxietybad moods;and sleepless nights If you’re in this category please thinkabout talking to somebody – staying silent doesn’t help. There are plenty of contactson offer in the guide itself – otherwise, if you wanted to get hold of the Money AdviceService, they give free impartial advice.
So we hope that was helpful to you – letus know what you think. Don’t forget as well you can download the guide for free downin the description below this article. Yeah, and if you’ve got any rhyming tips about finances that you’ve got squirrelledaway, get them out right. Now ‘s the time. Share em in the comments box, we’d loveto see them – the more quirky or more unusual they are the better.