Hello, my name is Emily Gasner, and I’m with Working Solutions. I’ll be talking about how to raise money …

Hello, my name is Emily Gasner, and I’m with Working Solutions. I’ll be talking about howto raise money for your business. Whatever type of business you have, one of the mostimportant things is that you have a really unique product or service, and one that cancompete really well on the marketplace. So you’re going to need to be very convincingto other people if you’re asking friends, family, or asking a bank for funding thatthis product or service is going to be something that there’s a lot of demand for. So you should are you independent? want to be your own boss start your own business?
well if that is your dream, this n… do your research in advance, and make sure that your target customer is interested inthis type of product or service. Also, you’re really going to need to show that you have the industry knowledge and the industry experience to actually be very successful in sellingthat product or service, because a lot of times just starting something from scratchthat you may not know the industry and the way that it works, you have a lot more hurdlesto jump over. So, if you know up front what those hurdles are, and you have solutionsof how to deal with those, you’re going to be much more convincing in trying to get someoneelse to fund your business. Also, you need to be very creative. That’s one of the hallmarksof a great entrepreneur. So what you can do to be creative is try to think of all the An innovative company is taking the guesswork out of your running workout. Lumo Bodytech r… ways that you can raise money.
It doesn’t necessarily need to be a business loan ora credit card, or venture capital. It could be your neighbor next door who’s expressed interesting in something–say you’re baking pies, and maybe your neighbor said, you knowwhat, I’d be interested in giving some money to help you get started. So, really try tothink of non-traditional ways to get funding for your business. You might also look tolocal nonprofit organizations that provide what are known as micro loans to people thatare getting started. A lot of times they’re a lot more flexible than a bank in terms ofyour credit and lack of track record to help you get the funding that you need.