Hello, my name is Emily Gasner, and I’m with Working Solutions, and I’ll be talking about how to be creat…

Hello, my name is Emily Gasner, and I’m with Working Solutions, and I’ll be talking abouthow to be creative when you’re looking for financing for your business.
So one of thethings that entrepreneurs are, is they are very creative in terms of their products,service, but also in terms of getting the money that they need to start their businessand grow their business. So how can you do that? One of the things that you can do isfind out if there’s anyone that you know in your community, maybe it’s a friend, family So I’m gonna start by showing you our dining room table. I bought this second hand for 150 dollars. … member, someone you used to work with, someone that’s real excited about your business idea,that might want to either give you some money, take some ownership in your business and invest the money into the business, become a business partner with you–I see a lot of times peoplefind business partners to fund their businesses. But then there’s a lot of other things thatyou can do. One of the things that some people do is they might have a group of people thatmight be interested in their business get together and pitch to them their idea, andsee if someone can give five hundred dollars, another person a thousand dollars.
See howyou can get other people real excited and involved, and giving money to your business. I’ve seen businesses get creative and do things like a cafe here in San Francisco that did There are a lot of challenges out there some might seem possible but they’re not … an art auction, and they used the proceeds from that auction to actually start theirbusiness. So there’s a number of different things that you can do. You just need to be creative. Some other creative things are that oftentimes there are places to get money fromthat you may not have thought of. So, one of the things are credit unions that lendmoney for people who start businesses, and there’s also nonprofits that make what arecalled micro loans, or small loans from a thousand dollars up to thirty five thousanddollars, to people that are just getting started in business. So don’t think that the onlyplace to go to get a loan or financing would be a bank or a financial institution.
There’salso small nonprofit organizations that lend out money. And just be as creative as youcan, and hopefully your business will be successful.