Hello! Hi guys, this is a quick update about our channel… We’re in the UK at the moment …

Hi guys, this is a quick updateabout our channel… We’re in the UK at theHello! Hi guys, this is a quick update about our channel... We're in the UK at the moment ... moment -we-ve been here for a few weeks buttomorrow I have to go back to Italy andthat’s because I’m going offshore. I’ve Always wanted a space to entertain, but just don’t have the room to do so? There are now m… got quite a unique job I work withunderwater robots and its really good onone hand because we get to spend a lot of the year together – every day. On theother hand it does mean I do have to goaway for long periods so on thisoccasion I’m going away for one monthI’ll be working every single day for atleast 12 hours per day, and then I’ll be at home I am Caitlin and I am an Associate in Card Services at JPMorgan Chase.
When I was little I’m pretty sure … hopefully for 10 days and then I’m goingaway again for a month, so there’s going to bea period of time when we’re not going to be able to make any videos for you, butas I was saying, the good part is that weget plenty of time to spend together andthis summer we’ve got some really coolplans… We’re looking forward to doing manymany sailing vlogs and hopefully some easyrecipes that you can make on the boat. Idon’t know exactly when I’m goingoffshore and we’ve got some footage of ourhoneymoon in Corsica some video andphotos that we took then, so if I geta chance before I go offshore then i’mgoing to edit some videos and uploadthem to our channel so you may see thesevideos before our new sailing vlogs thatwe’re going to make this summer. I’ll do mybest to do that for you.