Got my hands on the Motorola Droid Turbo 2. This is the shatterproof phone from Motorola. It is a pretty …

Got my hands on the Motorola Droid Turbo 2.
This is the shatterproof phone from Motorola. It is a pretty large phone, about the same size as my Note 5.Got my hands on the Motorola Droid Turbo 2. This is the shatterproof phone from Motorola. It is a pretty ... I do durability tests on all the major smart phones Scratch tests, Bend tests, and extremeheat tests. All of which can be related to every day life. Lets start with the scratchtests. I have a set of pics that let me know where the screen falls on “Mohs Scale of Hardness”.
20 Cool Home decor DIY Project Now… The screen on the Droid Turbo 2 is actually made up of 5 different layers, andIll cover those more in depth in just a second… A level 2 pick did nothing, because its basically plastic against plastic… but a level three pick left some very noticeable marks on the phone. For reference.. Most phones like the Samsung, or even the rest of the Motorola line up, haveGorilla Glass screens, and they end up being a 5 or a 6 on Mohs scale, this phone is a2.5 Obviously a razor blade will cause some major damage to this screen. Even keys andcoins will scuff it up.
So by this device having a shatter proof screen, it definitelycompromises quite a bit when it comes to scratch-proof-ness. It scratches fairly easily. I got my hands on the OnePlus X. The budget smart phone from the company One Plus. I initially wasn’t goi… Luckily the rear camera is scratch resistant though. I can take my razor blade, which isabout a 5 or a 6 on mohs scale, and it leaves no mark on the lens. That’s good news forthe photography people out there.
Hit that thumbs up for camera lens durability. The back panel feels like a tough braided nylon. You see the razor blade can slice throughthe fibers, but keys and coins wont do much to mark up the back layer. It feels qualityand solid, so there isn’t much to worry about there. Plus the back panels are replaceable. Onto the burn test… We get to see how the screen handles when extreme heat is appliedto the surface.
Most screens do survive this test… But this particular phone did not. I imagine that it has something to do with the plastic flexible Amoled panel inside. The heat melts the pixels in such a way that they don’t recover like they do on regularamoled panels. You can see that even when the screen is turned off, the white meltedmark from the flame is still visible. Lets jump into the bend test before I talk about screen layers. If I can snap this thingin half…
It’ll be much easier to show all the layers at once…. Unfortunately though… this phone is stronger than I am. It does flex quite a bit more thanyour normal phone, I was nervous about it snapping for a second… but it locks outand does not break or snap. Very solid device. Now lets talk about the 5 layers of the screen.
On the bottom we have the Aluminum Chassis, right above that we have theFlexible plastic Amoled Display. The third layer, the Digitizer layer, also made of flexible plastic. The Fourth layer isInternal clear Plycarbonate lens and the 5th layer, the one what we have been dealing with… Is the exterior acrylic polycarbonate lens thatthey claim is ‘scratch resistant.’ Its interesting to me that they even attempt to call it scratchresistant at all. What you see me removing here is the 5th outermost layer. It is basically just a glorified thickplastic screen protector…. which is easily replaceable, and can be ordered from Motorola’swebsite for 30 bucks.
(Ill link that in the article description.) You can see that the plasticedges of the phone are raised up a just little to accommodate the thick top layerSo…the good news is that if you ever need to replace your scratchedor dented, top layer, you can, relatively easily. So… is this the phone that will put screen repair shops out of business? I dont thinkso. I imagine that this phone will fit a niche market of devoted dedicated die hard users…but I think most people, including my self, will choose a premium feeling scratch resistanceglass screen over a shatterproof very scratch-able plastic lens. Also, even though the Plastic lens of the Turbo 2 is shatterproof, the LCD itself canstill be damaged from drops, or hard hits. Watch TechRaxs Turbo 2 video to see what Iam talking about.