Female speaker: say you have a smart light bulb. It’s smart because you can control it from your pho…

FEMALE SPEAKER: Say you have a smart light bulb. It’s smart because you can control it from your phone. You can turn it off or on, maybe change the color.
That’s cool. But add more smart products around the house,and without Nest getting them to work together practically Hi! This is Alfred on behalf of Expert Village. I don’t know if Dave Ramsey invented the envelope system … requires an engineering degree, and what works with one phone might not work with another. Ugh. That’s confusing. Shouldn’t home automation make life easier?
That’s why Nest does things differently. You can control Nest products from most smartphones,but they also use sensors and algorithms to learn about you. They’re saving energy in millions Hello! What I like best about studying here is the teachers. They are really friendly, they are … of homes around the world. They’re keeping families safe. They can even let you know when something happens without youhaving to program them.
They also talk to each other, like when Nest Protect sensescarbon monoxide, your Nest Learning Thermostatcan automatically turn off your furnace, whichmight be the culprit. Now with Works With Nest, other products around the housecan work the same way. They can take what Nest knows and start doing new things theynever could before. So that light bulb can help get your attentionwhen Nest Protect senses smoke, or help scare away intrudersif Nest Cam senses someone lurking around. Your dryer can learn from Nest and automatically runthe next load when energy demand is low, whichcould save on your energy bill. And your door lock can let you knowwho’s there, even if you aren’t home to greet them. You probably already own something that works with Nest,and we’re adding more every day.
Just look for the Works With Nest badge. The more products you have in your home that connect to Nest,the more your home will start to take care of things for youwithout you having to do a bunch of work. This is how a connected home should work. This is Works With Nest.