Favorite Things To Decorate For The Christmas Holidays

Favorite Things To Decorate For The Christmas Holidays One of my all-time favorite things to decorate for the Christmas holidays are my outdoor planters. Filled with winter greens and accents, they really do add sophisticated elegance to your exterior which is a great way to impress your guests or potential buyers as they approach our home. Choose which planter you would like to decorate. So the one I’m using here is one of a set of two that I have on either side of my garage door. Now I’m cheating a little bit with it artificial pine tree that I use year-round as the top point in my planter. But you can use tree branches, bamboo sticks, lanterns or any tall item of your choice. I’ll start with fresh sprigs of pine and cedar that I picked up at my local hardware store.
Evenly add the longer cedar branches along the outside edges of the planter. Next, do the same with the pine branches adding a layer closer to the center, alternating between the cedar branches. Now it’ll look funny and uneven at this point, but trust me it’ll all come together. Take a any smaller branches and fill in any empty areas. Now it’s time to add our decorative touches I’m using rusty bells, artificial red and white berries, different size pine cone and Christmas balls Adding your taller items toward the center, work your way to the outer edge Just play around and rearrange until you’re happy with how it looks If you find a stakes are too long, just break them off so that the height works better for you arrangement The very last thing I do is fill in any empty spots again with leftover sprigs of the greenery. Lastly, I’ll add a bow to the planter by wrapping the wire from the bow around one of the branches on the outer edge. A gorgeously decorated festive planter that definitely makes a statement I love projects like this where you don’t need a lot of experience or a lot a tool to get the look: I think you’ll be amazed at how simple it really is.
So get creative and have fun with it. Happy decorating! them