Everything around us seems to be smart these days. We have a smart watches smartphones and…

Everything around us seems to be smartthese days. We have a smart watchesEverything around us seems to be smart these days. We have a smart watches smartphones and... smartphones and now we have smart homesthat are controlled by a single tablet. Reporter Morgan Wheeler took tour of a 5 Ideas for Decorating a Guest Room smart home that just might be the futurefor homeowners.
An HDTV smart home haskeyless doors, motion activated and musical toilets and refrigerators thatcan show you you need eggs and butterwhile you’re still in the grocery store. But how soon will homeowners see thisEverything around us seems to be smart these days. We have a smart watches smartphones and... in their houses? I have one in my own Hi I’m Betty Ingham and I’m speaking on behalf of Expert Village you can get curio cabinets that are new … home where my kids can come and gowithout keys and I can let people in even ifI’m not in the house. One generator, onesmart tablet and a whole lot of smart technology is all it takes to get this1.5 million dollar smart home inScottsdale running. This becomes the keysto your entire house whether it’s yourlighting system, your audio visual systemyour safety and security system. Themaster bathroom has some of the latesttech gadgets with one thing that catchesthe eye and ear: a motion monitored toiletautomatically lifts up the seat cover.
Italso plays music. The technologycontinues in the kitchen. The refrigerator isalways kind of like the home’sbulletin board. It’s where you put theartworks that the kids make it’s where youput your to-do list or your shoppinglist. It also has a built-in camera. Homeowners can remotely look insidewhile out shopping all from a smartphone. All the smart technology features can beuseful but how realistic is it forhomeowners to purchase or install theirown smart home system?
You take any homeand spend anywhere from a thousand totwo thousand dollars and make it verysmart and have it do a lot of things. Smart isn’t as expensive as it used tobe. Smart home security could be trickyjust like with a regular home. Anyone canget in if they want to. You can do really smartthings like make sure that your routerhas a safe and secure password, yourkeyless system has a safe and securepassword and that if you lose your phoneyou immediately are aware and you canlock that up so that nobody can grab itand have access to your home. Also if theinternet system crashes there is thepossibility of outsiders hacking in. Another possible downside, if a smarttablet dies you won’t have access to thehome.
Homeowners should think about having agenerator installed to run those smartitems in case of a power outage. In theBroadcast Center, Morgan Wheeler Cronkite News.