Electrical contractors have always trusted RIDGID to make great tools. We’ve made this one just for you….

Electrical contractors have always trusted RIDGID to make great tools. We’ve made this one just for you.Electrical contractors have always trusted RIDGID to make great tools. We've made this one just for you.... Introducing the world’s most versatile electrical tool-the RIDGID RE 60- featuring the unique RIDGID QuickChange System. Unparalleled speed and flexibility for contractors Diamonds. A girls best friend is also the defining mineral atop Mohs Scale of Hardness. So what happens… to be more efficient than ever on the job site.
Cut through wire……crimp lugs… …and punch holes in electrical boxes. And do it all with a single innovative tool that lets you quickly change between applicationswithout the need for numerous tools and accessories. The RIDGID QuickChange System couldn’t be easier. Simply pull back on the QCS collar, insert the head and release the collar. Once locked into place, the tool is ready to use. And and three, and three, 2, and three, 2, one, and three, 2, one, gra… To change or remove heads, just repeat the process.
To use the RE 60 to cut wire, use the scissor cutter head. Made from high-strength steel, it’s designed for use with interchangeable blades, giving you the ability to cut copper and aluminum building wire or copper flex wire. With a pull of the trigger, the scissor cutter head quickly cuts through wireup to 50 mm O. D. A steel guard keeps the blades alignedwhen in use to avoid twisting or bending. To crimp lugs, use the latching round crimp head. The crimp head is designed for maximum access and maneuverability.
Thanks to its slim and ergonomic latching system, it allows for work in tighter spaces. With a pull of the trigger, the crimp head easily crimps lugs up to 300 mm squared. To punch access holes into electrical boxes, use the punch head. The punch head is designed for use on 3 mm mild steeland punches round holes up to 63.5 mm in diameter. It is compatible with punch dies from RIDGID and other manufacturers. Once a pilot hole is drilled into an electrical box, attach the punch head. After connecting, just pull the trigger to make a punch.
The RE 60 tool doesn’t stop there. It’s packed with more advanced features than any other electrical tool. Interchangeable heads rotate 360 degrees for better access in confined spaces. A white LED light illuminates your workspace….and onboard diagnostics include sensors to ensure a consistent, full cycle every time,so you can be confident in every crimp. The RE 60 is powered by the RIDGID Advanced Lithium battery platformthat delivers industry-leading run time. A battery sensor notifies you when power is running low. And a temperature sensor prevents the tool from operatingwhen temperature is outside of acceptable limits.
The RE 60 has the longest service interval in the industry at 32,000 cycles… With 3-in-1 functionality and a set of features designed to make contractors more efficientthan ever, no toolbox is complete without the RE 60 Electrical Tool from RIDGID. Find out more at RIDGID.eu/QCS for a product demonstration or to learn more.