Editing your first 360 video can be a bit confusing. this article will walk you though the entire process…

Editing your first 360 video can be a bit confusing. this article will walk you thoughthe entire process, from shooting, editing, and uploading to YouTube all with the LG 360.Editing your first 360 video can be a bit confusing. this article will walk you though the entire process... IntroThe normal footage coming straight from the SD card cannot be edited into a 360 video. It appears as just 2 large circles. But, it is very easy to convert into a flat image These day there are plenty of personal finance apps on the market that will help you track your spending and stay o… that can be edited.
There are two ways to convert the image. The first is just withyour cell phone. The camera connects with WiFi. So find the clip you want to edit, WiFithat clip to over to your device, and it will be converted on the device itself. The transferred clips that you pull from your phone onto your computer, will not appear as 2 large circles,it’ll be a flat image that you can edit. The second way is with a free desktop app from LG’s website. I will link it in the videodescription, below this article.
Download that. You can see here what the raw footage lookslike directly from the SD card. Its just 2huge circles that don’t look 360ish at all. The Miracle of Christmas (Home Decor DIY Ideas) Drag and drop that footage into the LG 360desktop app, and it will convert into theeditable files for you. The app will drop the finished files into the same folder. With the word ‘result’ in the file name. Then you can view the 360 degree footage in the LG360 desktop app, if you open the file in a normal video player, you can see that it fillsthe entire screen with footage that you can edit with any editing software.
I personallyuse adobe premier. So Ill it pull it up in that. This is a 360 video I made previously. Of me hiking the Yosemite Half Dome. Super sketchy hike, I suggest you watch that videoafter you are finished with this one. You can see that the LG 360 shoots in 5.1surround sound. So when you are done cuttingand splicing up your footage and are ready to export the final clip, make sure to switchyour audio to the 5.1 surround instead of stereo.
Also, make sure that you find thecorrect bitrate of the file so that adobe doesn’t compress the footage for you. YouTubedoes enough of that on its own. Because the original files as you can see here in thedetails are just shy of 22 megabits a second. So that will maintain the quality and theintegrity of the video file as I render. Before YouTube compression comes in and smashes itall up. Now, YouTube has no way of knowing that the footage is 360 degree video unless we tellit. So we have to download the free 360 video metadata app from YouTube.
Ill also link thisprogram in the article description as well. Its a very simple app. Just open up the finishedfile that you just exported from your video editor. And check the spherical box. You don’tneed to worry about any of the other options. Then hit ‘save as’, and the program will addthe word ‘injected’ into the file name. You can save it wherever you want.
But I likeleaving it next to the original file. Just drag and drop that file into the YouTube uploader. And Boom. You are ready to rock. In order to view these 360 degree videos. You needto be watching from the Google Chrome web browser, OR from the YouTube app on your phone,iPhone or Android. Anywhere else will just display a flat video which isn’t as fun towatch.