Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas to Try In Your Home This Year

Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas to Try In Your Home This Year So, use base colors, some really pretty neutrals, some winter white, and then really pretty creams, and then add in natural elements to create those red and green pops, like the pomegranates and then the greenery, and I love copper this time of year, especially this year, so I added some really pretty copper accents with the mugs and then these really pretty, modern wire trees, and I wanna show you how easy it is to make these really cool trees. It takes only, like 30 seconds. So, you wanna use a cone like this and then you wanna use copper wire.
You wanna make sure you get the thicker wire to make sure they stay steady and then you’re just gonna start wrapping it around the styrofoam and it’s so easy, this is gonna take me no time at all. You just keep wrapping and when you get to the bottom, you’re just gonna do the wire cutters to finish it off, and then you can putt the cone right out. Very cute! I love that. I love that. It’s really cute. Very cute.
Alright, so we’re gonna move on to the mantel area. Sometimes, what I like to do is switch out my artwork for the holidays and you wanna do something that’s really easy and cost effective that you can use for the holidays and then take it down and not feel too bad about it. So, you can get these canvases and then either use real cranberries or fake ones and a little bit of hot glue. So, you wanna start by putting the cranberries in clumps at the top and then kinda even like spread ’em out a little bit as you get down and this creates really modern, abstract art for your home. Cute. Put it above your mantel, put it in the entryway, switch it out, and if you use the faux cranberries, they’re gonna last year after year, so pull ’em back out the next Christmas. Gotcha.
Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas to Try In Your Home This Year Ok so we’re listening to the sound that the engine mount makes. So as we’re accelerating it doesn’t make … Big finish, come on. So, we’re gonna work over to my favorite, the Christmas tree. I love Christmas trees. We have about three in our house every year with a different theme, so one thing I like to do, especially with our family Christmas tree is incorporate an ornament that’s personalized. So, these are little wood slices. You can buy them pre-sliced, so you don’t have to cut them yourself.
And then you can print off family pictures onto the ornaments, and you just wanna make sure you do them at like a local print shop so they have the laser print, and you cut ’em out, put ’em on the ornament and there are a couple different ways you can get ’em on. You can use a gel medium and that way, you actually transfer the image onto the wood, or you can do Mod Podge and put it right on top or you can do an iron on method, whatever you feel comfortable with using, then drill a little hole and put ’em on your tree, and you have pictures from your family hanging. Cute, very nice, good job, buddy. Hey, Jen! You’re local, you’re from Long Island, welcome. Thank you. Are you all set to get going here?
Yes, I am. Alright, you go show off, girl. Okay, so this year, I decided to create a fun and playful table scape and all the ideas kind of go with this theme, it’s kind of a woodland inspired theme. So, don’t be afraid to use color, especially when you’re decorating for the holidays, or you know, think outside the box. So, I used some fresh greens, I used a plaid scarf for a table runner, I used blacks and navies for a festive look. So, onto our first project. We all know terrariums are a hot trend right now.
It’s very easy. So, what you do is you take your moss and you layer it on the bottom. Super, super easy. Then, you take your second color, it’s a lighter color, just for some depth. Then, you’re gonna sprinkle a little snow, add your creatures and your tree, and voila, to a beautiful table scape. So cute. Love that.
Okay, who doesn’t love a fresh green wreath at the holidays? They can be pricey, so I have a budget friendly option. You take a twig wreath, that’s your base, and then go out into your yard and clip what you have in your yard. If you have rosemary of if you have sage, I still have some of that in my backyard, Cyprus, some pine, I just create and layer. The point is to layer it, so that and it smells so good, you can add your thyme in there and then you can upcycle your scarf to hang. Oh, that’s cute. Upcycle, I love it.
Okay, and so my last one is an ornament. Ornaments are my thing. It’s something that I create every year for my boys, so I wanted to create something this year that had a little extra meaning, so I made these awesome graffiti art sharpie ball ornaments and the great thing is, you can take ball ornaments that you have in your basement, just spray paint them white, and then take a sharpie and just write all the highlights of the year and then date it on the bottom and it’s a keepsake forever. That’s great. Sweet, amazing.