Dollar store bathroom organization ideas #2

Dollar store bathroom organization ideas #2 Of all the rooms in our home, the one where we want and need the most organization just has to be the bathroom. We need it to be organized just to stay sane, there are all kinds of ideas to make that organizing easier. here are 13 Clever Ideas to Keep Your Bathroom Organized 1. Shower Curtain Pockets Pockets on the shower curtain liner!
They’re perfect for catching and organization kids’ bath toys or smaller toiletries. You can also simply hang a shoe organizer in your shower.2. Floating Shelves One of the easiest ways to add some organization to any bathroom? Shelving, of course! Floating or vanity shelves are the way to go for keeping everything within easy reach. Dollar store bathroom organization ideas #2 22 Gorgeous Brown and Gray Living Room Decor Ideas 3. Mounted Magnetic Toothbrush Strip One of the most weirdly-difficult-to-organize items in our bathrooms?
The toothbrush! Save counter space by making and mounting a magnetic storage strip for regular brushes4. Hanging Products skip the baskets entirely and hang the products directly! Just use clips attached to shower rings.5. Double Shower Rods When you have a large family using only one bathroom, you can never have enough ways to organize your shower, especially when you throw kids’ tub toys into the mix. One of our favorite ideas is to hang a second tension rod and hang all the baskets you can fit6. Mason Jar Storage When in doubt, organize by going vertical!
This mason jar organizer is a classic idea to make use of your wall space and keep cotton swabs, sponges, hair ties, cotton balls 7. Planter Box Organizer Repurpose a slim planter box to give you organized compartments in even the smallest of spaces.8. Washcloth Stand Our pieces of jewelry are so pretty, it seems a shame that they spend most of their lives hidden inside jewelry boxes when we’re not wearing them. Since we’re always looking for frugal ways to dress up our bedrooms, why not get those necklaces and bracelets involved and put them on display?9. Cabinet Toothbrush Notches cutting notches in your medicine cabinet shelves to keep your toothbrushes both safe from germs and from falling every time you open the cabinet.10. Repurposed Kitchen Cart Don’t limit yourself to products designated for the bathroom by merchandisers. This Ikea Grundtal cart, for example, was designed for the kitchen, but works super well in the bathroom My role currently, I manage a team of bankers and our responsibility is to cover the subsidiaries of our … 11.
Oil Bottles More items to grab from the kitchen? Oil bottles! Use them to hold things like mouthwash with some extra pizzazz, while reducing the space needed by bulkier plastic bottles.12. Wire Food Stands wire food stands and baskets! Even if they’re designed to hang from the ceiling, you can sit them in your bathroom– or be really innovative and hang them in your bathroom or from the shower curtain rod13. File Baskets Another room to raid? The office!
Hang baskets or folders designed for files, and fill them with things like hand towels and toilet paper for easy, organized access